Ian (rarely posts anymore :frowning:) is currently in Sevilla and went to the game today. That got me thinking about vacations. Do you have any vacations planned? If so, where are you going? Also, what is your favorite vacation and why?


Nice topic Chris. I usually spend my winter vacations around the region (Balkans). Bulgaria has some nice skiing centers and is a very convenient place for holidays of this season.

My favorite remains the summer ones though. Croatia, Montenegro and Greece are my favorite seaside countries, with Albania as a honorable mention. The Mediterranean climate makes it all worthier and the goof is also great.

Would love to visit Sevilla in the near future and spend some quality days there, hopefully sometime next year (summer-autumn). Also would be nice to meet someone from the forum in the city.


We are looking at Sevilla in April 2018 for the Feria. I’ve never been to the Feria.


Going to Malaga and Sevilla in May 2018 for few days! Will see sevilla playing Real Soceidad at home. Looking forward to that. Also, going to Lanzarote in June 2018 for 10 days!

Great places and should be fun.


Try to get a hook up because the casetas are privately owned except for some public ones which aren’t as fun…but in any case it’s still a blast to see the whole spectacle of feria


Hs to be seen to be believed, but prices are high for flights and accomodation


Enjoy buddy. Lanzarote looks really nice. I could use some warm R&R after visiting Minnesota for the first time this week.


Favourite place is Sevilla of course! But many places worldwide are amazing.

Off to Papua New Guinea in a week and a half.

Next August back to europe and will be in Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Italy and lastly Morocco for a few nights.


That’s a hell of a trip.


We go away for Christmas and New Year to make use of the gap without football. Last year we went to Cuba, landed in Santiago de Cuba and toured up to Havana, 2600 km in 17 days. The year before we went to South America from Tierra del Fuega, Punta Arenas, Perrito Moreno glacier park up to San Pedro de Atacama in the North of Chile, took 24 days to complete though.