The Final Push - Real Sociedad - Home - La Liga - Week 36


Bumped into Caparroz yesterday in a country restaurant and had a few words. Amazing that my first Sevilla game was a 1-0 win over Real Sociedad, goal by Hornos in extra time, Caparroz was manager.


That’s awesome Tim. Did you plug Monchis Men? Haha


Fingers crossed that Getafe won’t get more than a point today vs. Las Palmas. 0-0 at HT and Las Palmas dominating all over, but it can really go either way unfortunately :confused:


Wow what a horrible game to watch and only got worse when Las Palmas just lazily gave Getafe the ball to score at the end.


Things are very complicated as of now. There’s a very high chance that Getafe will win their 2 remaining matches as they’ll play vs. Atletico at home (Madrid brotherhood) and Malaga away (similar to Las Palmas, they’ll just let them win).

Meanwhile, we’ll play RM (almost impossible to get a positive result) and Betis (the derby, we can concede 5 or score 5 you never know in this one). Our only ‘easy’ match on paper is vs. Alaves at home.

So now we’ll probably need 7 points and 6 might just not be enough for the 7th spot.


Possibly no CR7 and I think Bale misses our game with Real.


They play way better without CR7, though there’s a lesser risk for conceding a manita now :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree. I couldn’t believe it when I saw him make a tackle in the Bayern game… Actually tracking back to play defense


Like in the Euro 2016 final when he was injured, Portugal pulled together as a team and turned the game round to defeat France.


These are the players I want to keep.

Navas, Layun, Escudero, Lenglet, Roque Mesa, Sandro, Ganso, Mercado, Geis.

Navas because he can play in two positions, not the right time of his contract to fold on him, and he’s 101% Sevillista. Layun because I believe he’s a solid player. Escudero because he’s our most consistent player. Lenglet because he’s OK but can go at the right price, Mesa because he’s unquestionable in his first touch and play development (as a defender there are doubts) Sandro because he destabilizes opposition defenders, Ben Yedder because he’s a guarantee of goals, Ganso because he still deserves a chance, Mercado because he’s solid and Geis because he deserves a run and he’s top quality dead ball man.

Now the biggest problem with that choice is that it’s almost the same defence that’s conceded a record number of goals.

These are the players that I don’t mind selling.

Pareja and Carriço are passed the sell by date.
Correa is a zero trick pony.
Muriel has failed to materialize.
Sarabia is one good game, one average game, followed by two bad games.
Corchia and Carole with apologies for wasting their time.

Pizarro, Banega, Nzonzi, Nolito, Rico, Soraya, Arana, Kjaer, Vazquez and Carlos Fernanzez at the right price, can go.


I mostly agree with that but by keeping Sandro and WBY then I don’t see us scoring too much next year either with or without Muriel unless we get a forward who can shoot the ball between the posts away from the goalie. Don’t really think Ganso has been lacking in chances since I have plenty of memories of seeing him pretty much being a Brazilian version of Mudo, but doubt anyone is going to pay anywhere near the $15 million we paid for him so I guess he’s a suitable back up midfielder. One player I’m curious about is Kjaer as he is a national team captain and had some good moments but faded away as the season wore on. Also, I read that they’re trying to renew Sarabia’s contract so expect him to stick around another season or two despite a mostly bad campaign from him.


Speaking to Sevilla fans here, it’s clear that they all have their individual opinions of what’s wrong, what went wrong, who should be sold, bought etc. It’s a real puzzle and there’s very little agreement. I’ve got to confess, it’s with mixed feelings that I would let anyone of the squad go, except perhaps for Rico.

The thing with Sandro is that for his few appearances he has deserved a few goals, he’s been unlucky. The thing with Ganso is that it appears 3 managers have rejected him now, but when last rejected early in the season, he was joint top goalscorer with 2 goals in 3 games. I seem to remember him and Nolito covering the most km in the stats.

I also like Kjaer but he’s been turned twice in the box and the shot has sailed past Sergio Rico, I’m not sure who was to blame. He started Ok and then the injuries, who knows.


If things weren’t bad enough the referee for tomorrows game against R Madrid will be Mateu Lahoz :open_mouth:


He’s not that bad Brian, of course he got it wrong when James pushed Modric and he gave a Penalty against Sevilla but I think he’s one of the best in la liga (OK that’s not saying much :grin:)


It’s not just that cup game Tim. I’ve always thought he favours R. madrid no matter who they are playing