Standard Liege vs Sevilla FC - Europa Group Stage Match 5


Can someone put together all of Muriel’s stupidity in this match? Wow what a shit match.


Bad day at the office and bad result! However, our destiny is still in our own hands. If we beat Krasnodar at home we qualify as group winners. We have to win now though!

However, if we beat alaves away on Sunday, I’d rather have that win than this! I still think we will qualify but we in a dicey position now!


Silly loss, but they wanted it more I guess.

We now have to beat Krasnodar so that we can qualify and we can end up first as well if we beat them on h2h aggregate (e.g. 1-0 or 3-1 etc.)


I think the biggest problem tonight was that we seemed over confident, knowing that a draw would be enough we were happy just to pass the ball around . There was no urgency in our few forays towards their goal until they scored, in fact I can’t remember Ochoa making a save during the first half.
However the warning signs were there that they were dangerous on the break and so it proved with the goal, yes it was offside but as Edinho said earlier " You play to the whistle"
Banega’s free kicks were embarrasing to say the least and Sarabia after being fouled by Djenepo went off on a crazy payback mission on him returning the foul twice over and getting himself two yellows. (the 2nd foul deserved a straight red in my opinion)
Kjær had a nightmare almost gifting them 2 goals, although for the 2nd one you have to lay some of the blame on Vaclik for not yelling at him to leave it, maybe there is a language problem there?

It now all rests on us beating the Russians which at home, with a full house almost guaranteed the RSP will
be rocking it should hopefully see us though.


Muriel can go in January, a total waste of space… blaming the pitch for his poor shot, only to follow it up seconds later with another awful shot… the guy is finished

We can still qualify with a solid performance in the RSP against Krasnador… if we can’t beat them at home then we don’t deserve to be in the Europa League

La Liga is the priority of course… for now at least


Muriel has always been crap, he would have left in the summer but no club wanted his sorry ass so now he’s haunting us with his every pitiful appearance. Just chuck him the reserves and recall Carlos Fernandez.

We can still qualify but with the congested schedule of the Europa League and the glut of clubs that are going to drop in from the Champions League group stages I would rather we give this up and go all in for the League. This is a chance we cannot pass up. Our squad is not up for a fight on two fronts so why not concentrate our efforts on a manageable target, worst comes to worst we can still qualify for the Champions League group stages.


Agree with keeping


Really disappointing in the end. Three players, Promes, Arana and Vidal were null and void and that was why we never really got into the game. After the changes Sevilla were much better without Arana and Vidal despite losing Sarabia sent off, and Muriel coming on.

The quality of the game was the team selection. I think this defeat was down to the manager.

Some strange things going on with Kjaer also need attention.

Standard can get forward but they have the worst finishing I’ve witnessed in a long time at this level.


Those missed 100% chances were hilarious at the end :rofl:


I’ve read that Vidal was reported injured at the end of the match and might take 2-3 weeks off, if that’s the case then Promes will have to take up the right wing spot with Mercado behind him. No stopping the injuries I guess.

Also, does anyone have any good sites where I can re-watch the whole match or maybe just the last 5 minutes of the game. I want to show my friends how utterly crap Muriel is.


Strange that Sevilla travel to this game (Alaves, 1000km, 1 hr 50 flight) on the same day, normally it’s the day before (if game has any importance). Even with home games, if the game is super important the squad are curfewed for 48 hours. In Feria they are moved out of the city to a hotel on the coast.


Has this ever happened before? What could it mean?


It has happened in the last 12 months, when we went to play Barcelona and were more interested in the following mid-week game, can’t remember the exact details.

Just because you have paranoia doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you :grinning:

/not convinced.


C’mon Sevilla! Let’s hope we can stay top of the table after tonight!


Well Atletico drew 1-1 with Girona so we’re still there, but Barca are 1-0 ahead against Villarreal and if that stays with Barca then they are leaders until Sevilla demolish Alaves an hour later.