Spartak Moscow Chat (Part 2, DO OR DIE!)


Damn WBY really f’d that one up.


crap. dont screw this up. we need this win or we’re done.


Damn it! Rico made a mess of that one. 2-1 :frowning:


Hand ball on that goal! How the f did the Ref let that go?


really? you fault rico for that? he stopped the first shot on a breakaway an the lucky rebound went to a spartak player… id blame the defense more than rico.


wow. tottenham have real madrid’s number. going to win 3-1. that’s awesome even if i hate the EPL


five added minutes?!? wtf?


I don’t understand that at all. There was only what one injury of maybe 30 seconds.


Yeah the D was not great, plus it was a handball, but I think Rico had time to grab it/punch it instead of chest-ing it down.


Phew… nerve-wrecking in the end as usual.

With the domination that we had, we should’ve won comfortably, but rather chose to complicate things with the stupid goal that we conceded. Rico made a good save from their free kick but made it up by screwing up in their goal, and lots of late coming out.

Kjaer was a GOD in the defense and Lenglet played well also.

Nolito wasted literally every chance and lost countless balls, while his only positive sign tonight is tracking back to defense to help Escudero.

WBY also did well defensively but couldn’t do shit in the job that he is paid for, to score goals. That chance he had where the ball almost crossed the line (with too much luck since the shot was very poor), should’ve been buried easily and even a Segunda striker could have done it. Those kind of chances should not be missed or it costs you all kinds of things in football.

An important win with a golazo from Banega, but still in overall, not quite convincing and I’m not sure this strategy just works at all against sides that can attack. Our individual defense is good and with N’Zonzi the midfield is a bit more stable, but we really need to make use of the counter and also need to have way more efficiency in the final third. If not, I don’t really see the point of using 4-4-3, rather stick to 4-2-3-1 and hope for the best.

The CL job is still not finished as it will depend on what us and Spartak do vs. Liverpool. With at least 1 point vs. Liverpool we can more or less seal the qualification, otherwise we will have to depend on Liverpool beating Spartak if they beat us after the international break.

Now on to Barcelona, arguably the best team in the world as of now. A real test for Berizzo to see how he will set up the zonal defense for this one, and if he’ll make good use of the counters and bring us back to the Emery era.

Tactics Thread

Massive massive win! Banegas goal was absolute class. We fought like lions tonight and showed our quality. The fans were immense too.

We made it. I rate Moscow. They are a good team and that 5-1 was harsh on us but they are good going forward. They caught us out that night but we learnt from that tonight. We defended great and were very good on the ball. Did not waste possession much.

Bring on Liverpool next. Our great home form continues:)


We should be going 4-2-3-1 plain and simple, we need a double pivot to make full use of Pizarro and N’Zonzi as well as give the impression we can defend like a professional football team. Glad that the 4-3-3 has come to a close but going with that formation in two tough away games was suicidal. A win is a win and we need to build upon this until January where some reinforcements can come in.







Damn Tim, Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been really close to the pitch at Sevilla games, but not that close!


Good news today. N’Zonzi has been called up for the France NT for their two upcoming friendlies vs. Wales and Germany. Happy for N’Zonzi and hope he’ll get some minutes.

I think the reason he wanted out was to be called up for France and now that his dream has come true, it’s all up to him to keep it up by playing regularly good for Sevilla. Hopefully he will and we will see N’Zonzi in Russia next summer!


It took them long enough. But it’s well-deserved. Really happy for him.