SK Sigma vs Sevilla Game Chat


Gonalons is a solid player. He’ll turn 30 next year but I wouldn’t mind if we end up offering him a 2-3 year long contract even though we don’t have a purchase option on the current loan deal.


Great result. Overall we looked ok, but it was smooth sailing once Maxime got his goal. Nolito had himself a decent game. Promes being the stadium might’ve provoked that. :smile:

Arana will need game time if we’re gonna rely on him. He doesn’t look ready, but we’re gonna have to live with it. Hopefully the EL draw is kind on us so we can play him in those games.


Happy days! We did our job in Europa league qualifiers. Plus we got a decent start to the league. New signings coming to.

This summer, we been busy. 10-11 new signings, new manager and new director. We got rid of the weak links or bad apples. We showing ambition and we in for an exciting season.

Bring on Real Betis! Vamos Sevilla!


I’m yet to see Vaclik conceding a goal that he could’ve saved or that was his fault (bad positioning or similar) with us.


I’m very happy with Vaclik so far. I no longer cover my eyes every time the opposition takes a shot. :grinning:

The first group game will be played on September 20th, I hope we are drawn away first as I don’t arrive back in Seville until the 26th, just in time for the R Madrid game.


Our EL draw was good and there shouldn’t be any surprises. The real excitement should start from the Round of 16 and onward for us!


Here’s the group: Grupo J: Sevilla, Krasnodar, Standard y Akhisarspor

Hope you all have been well. Life has distracted me from our beloved Sevilla FC but thank you all for carrying the torch!


Hey Rene, hope you’ve been well too mate. Welcome back to the forum!


Holy shit he’s alive!


Ha! thanks guys! i’m alive i swear. finishing my phd means a lot less unstructured time than i used to have which, tragically, has cut into my freedom to take big chunks out of the middle of my day to watch/read up on games. But i’ve never left you all in spirit! Intriguing and sort of weird start to the season it seems… Some reasons for optimism. Some reasons for frustration.