Sevilla vs Las Palmas - Preview / Discussion / VITOLO




Holy shit what a goal!!!


Did we ever see a luckier Sevilla?


Played with the proper team from the 75th minute and attacked continuously before that Navas beauty. Almost looked like we’re playing for a draw there.

WBY should never ever start again. Didn’t do crap at all throughout the whole match, plus missed a 100% 1v1 from a Navas pass. He even missed the 1v1 instinct, relying only in tap-ins now.

Muriel for the rest of the season!

Great 3 points and booed the hell out of Vitolo, plus the players kicked him a bit so that’s good.

Now on to Atletico for a draw hopefully.



We basically did the same thing at the beginning of last season.


Yesss!! Yet another scrappy win but I’ll take it! Navas you Beauty! Navas and Nzonzi were excellent!

Great to see, Real Madrid lose in the last minute too! This season is going yo well, I hope we can keep it up. However, atletico could be the stumbling block.

Yet another clean sheet but berrizo again took a risk with the line up! Need a stronger team starting against atletico!

That’s 13 points from 15 and in 2nd place! 5 points ahead of Real Madrid. Only 2 off Barca! Happy days!


This has to be one of our all time starts to a season right?


I think it matches our best start to the season with unai emery in the 2014/2015 season. We got 13 out of 15 there. Then our next match was atletico away and we lost. Let’s hope we can go 1 better this time!


Not quite so. We played a bit better last season and somehow dominated more.

But I like this thing if it lasts… Man Utd type of play, only that they have a lethal attack compared to our ‘meh’ one.


I remember us scoring a lot of late goals to steal points early on last year. Fernandez’s late winner, Sarabia’s curler at Leganes, Ben Yedder came off the bench a couple times to steal a victory.


Yes, but it’s another thing playing shit most of the match and scoring late, than playing good the whole match and scoring late. Not that we played much much better, but still way better than tonight for instance. It reminded me of the 2011-12 season relying only on wings and waiting for miracles to happen.

On the 76th minute though, when the first team came one (bar Muriel), the team started to play how they should’ve from the beginning.




I always write-off the first 5 games because we’ve usually got a new squad and Manager, plus the heat in RSP, so it’s difficult to get off to a good start because we’re team-forming and learning to play with different players and in different styles.

So at week 5,
We have 4 wins and 1 draw.
7 goals for 1 against

While Sampaoli raked up a 6-4 in his first league game with Sevilla.
And Emery’s first full season saw us bottom at week 4.

There’s a lot to analyse there.

We’re certainly doing something right in defence, not sure what it is:clap:
We’re surely doing too much rotation, at this stage of the season.
We don’t look organized going forward, but again it’s only week 5.
We’ve only managed to edge out the teams we’ve played by narrow margins.
All the squad have played at least 1 game including Borja Lasso.

I think we could all agree 9 of the best starting 11, why can’t Berizzo? or maybe he can but prefers to throw players big challenges and see if they rise to the occasion.


Not the best live performance I’ve seen by a long way but another 3points in the bag is all that matters.
Here are my observations on the game.
I was impressed by my first sight of Kjaer he seems solid at the back, I can’t remember him putting a foot wrong and he’s quite bigger than he looks on tv, I thought both Kjaer and Mercado were our best players on the night.
Got to agree with shendM about Pareja he’s far too slow and close to becoming a liability, I also thought that Escudero didn’t really put himself about as much as usual although I did see him on quite a few occasions standing still whilst flexing his left calf muscle (maybe he’s carrying an unreported injury?)
As for Jesus Navas watching him fly down the wing it’s like he never left, still not sure if the goal was meant as a cross or a shot but when the ball hit the net there was a couple of stunned seconds before the crowd believed what they had just seen then the stadium erupted.

I had read that Sevilla have installed a fancy new lighting system for this season and the lights are certainly a lot brighter than before and give the impression of a more natural day light look to night matches.
I’m not sure of the pre-match show though, it gave the feeling of being inside a early 80’s disco rather than at a football match, but that’s probably just my age speaking.

See what you make of it.:open_mouth:


They’re probably still in the test mode and are awaiting a top quality programmer to feed in some whizz-bang code. I recall against Espanyol they had a pathetic green shade outside the stadium, everyone was asking ‘why has the RSP got green lights’ while at half-time they were rotating the white leds round the field, basic stuff, probably in demo mode, hope they’ll improve dramatically when the operator is used to the system.


About doing the right thing in the defense, I’m also quite intrigued about it. There is definitely something about not even allowing the opponents a shot on goal for 2 matches (vs. Girona and Las Palmas), although Girona could’ve easily scored with that penalty there and that Pons chance (lucky flick by Lenglet).

It also comes down a lot to luck… we are having tremendous luck so far this season and it all started with that 93rd minute post from Emre vs. Basaksehir in the CL play offs. If it weren’t for luck, we would be out of CL and who knows how things would go from there.

Then not to mention the crazy luck vs. Liverpool. In any other night, it would’ve been 3-4 to 1 at the first half with no chance of comeback. We were annihilated there, and only a miracle saved us from a heavy defeat. They were creating a chance like every two minutes or so in the last 20 mins of the first half, it was absolutely crazy. So not sure if the defense can be hailed as heroes there, rather the luck and the goalpost during the penalty.

Still not sure what to expect from this team. I don’t like the heavy rotations, as it is definitely not necessary at this point as you mentioned, too early to experiment a lot, but maybe better now than never. Every coach that we had came up with some weird ideas and if it worked, we praised them, if not their heads were called (not only us here per se, but Sevillistas in overall).

Sampaoli also had a good first half of the season, then as the majority of us predicted, the players ran out of fuel and crashed during the second half of the season, specifically from February and onward. January was still good.

With the way that we’re playing now, and compared to the strategies used by some other teams, especially Man Utd (Mou style), is that we are trying to kill the game off, not giving the opponents much hope or desire to do anything, kind of giving the impression that we’re settling for a draw, then BAM, we surprise them in the second half. That is kind of the reason why the stats show 0 shots on goal for Girona and 0 for Las Palmas. With Emery, Sampaoli etc. it would’ve been at least 3-4 shots.

Berizzo played differently with Celta though, they were more pragmatic and didn’t try to control the match, but they’ve done a lot of damage to the opponents, especially from the counters.

We are slowly (not quite yet) getting back the counter-attacking mojo that we had before. After all, if Mourinho and some other managers use it with their multi-billion valued teams, then why can’t we do so? We were dominating all the matches with Sampaoli and even got Barca to a 50-50 possession at half time, but we didn’t win all the matches… drew a lot that shouldn’t been drawn and lost those that shouldn’t been lost.

There is still time, but we as Sevillistas are used to win only if we dominate and play a great game. We are still kinda dominating with Berizzo, but playing a bit uglier, yet keeping on winning, which matters the most. I’d take trophies vs. exciting play any given day. We are tired of playing great and exciting only to end up never winning La Liga or going to a CL final or something similar in our lifetime as Sevillistas.


What can be said about Berizzo is that he’s given everyone a fair chance to prove themselves. Every single player has seen playing time, and only Vázquez & Geis haven’t been starters for understandable reasons.

What is becoming clear is what our preferred XI should be. Sure, the game started to open up in the 2nd half. But for me, unsurprisingly, we played totally different once Banega came on. You could simply look at Nzonzi’s commitment in that final 15 minutes.

The battle for starting spots will make this team better. From what I’ve seen so far, MKD, Montoya & Lasso should be low on that list for starting lineups. Ganso has earned his playing time, but he can still do a bit more. We’re gonna need him to. Vázquez is making a good claim for his spot. I feel Mudo will have a better season this time around, as Banega will cater better to his style in comparison to Nasri.

Quite a nice 5-game start we got here. 13 of 15 points is what some have predicted on here, and good on Toto & the team to get us some consistent results. Now comes the test of Atlético on Saturday. It would be amazing to steal 3 points there and get an early lead on our rivals for 3rd place. Interested to see what Berizzo will have up his sleeve.