Sevilla vs Bayern / Leg 2


Times to change the whole team in summer.
Rumors saying that Arias will go along with Montella.
But the board need to make correct choice at the first place.


We could have won that.

Bayern were nothing more than average.

Our problem was the usual, Banega and Vazquez. Take them out and we have a team that has to create without low % aspirational moves. Banega’s insistance on dribbling out of every tight situation, usually losing the ball in defensive areas, sometimes as the most dangererous . Big fat problem !!!

Correa fatal for 90 minutes. First sub should have been Sandro for Correa.

Navas, not a born defender but excelled with his touch, I’m delighted for him, it’s real justification for his return. Very important to me because I’ve followed him since 2003 when I used to go and watch training sessions with Navas, Reyes and Antoñito.


Correa’s red card was awful. He commits that same foul like once a month. It’s always right in front on the fourth official. You just can’t do that.

The defense played well, particularly Navas, but Montella clearly instructed Escudero to stay home on Robben and we needed to gamble with our fullbacks attacking more. Even if they scored, it would not change anything.

Banega ran more than I’ve ever seen him run. Mudo should have been subbed 20 minutes earlier, WBY should have been subbed at halftime.

Credit to all 3 subs who ran their asses off when they came on. Muriel in particular created at least 3 turnovers.


Your takeaway from that match was that Banega is the problem?



Banega will never stop doing that, which i love and hate him for. It’s definitely cost us silly goals in the past. But he’s one of the few reasons we’re able to compete with these big teams.

Mudo, on the other hand, is a guy i am done with. Sure he can provide that moment of magic, but he doesn’t do much else. He’s the reason Montella insists on playing this system and not 2 up front. The game tonight simply showed where we were lacking, particularly in the final 3rd.

Let me pose this question: if Muriel finishes the season like he’s projected to (sub-par), but has an exceptional World Cup, would y’all keep him, or try to make that €20M back?


Depends on if the new manager thinks he can make him hit the back of the net more frequently. Kids got some talent, but is just so damn inconsistent. If we can get the 20 I would take it. Probably going to need to cut salaries next season.


I would keep Muriel rather than Ben Yedder TBH.


I would sell both for 20 million each. Also would sell Gonzo for 10, Mudo for 15, Rico for 20. Also Arana cost like 12 million so he can go too though hasn’t really had a chance.


Maybe would keep WBY if he spends all summer working on easy 1 v 1 shots from the pk area so he doesn’t just kick them at the goalie.


No way in hell we get any of those amounts for those players.


Ok, it’s just my opinion, the way I see things. He cost us 2 goals in one game earlier in the season, can’t remember which, not important. I thought someone would have a word with him to stop it, or maybe it’s a ploy to drag players in and create space for us, I don’t know.

But Emery bought him for the pause, slowing play down, holding the ball, letting players get their breath back and in position for the next move. Emery wouldn’t have allowed the dribbling out of defence I know for sure.

So it continued the same, no change until the monumental gaffe against Atletico, first goal in the 2-5. I thought surely, now, he’s going to knock this in the head but no, it’s not going to change, he seems to think he’s Messi or has got the same touch. It’s commendable that he’s trying to re-invent himself as a player at his age but has to be done within the framework of the team.

Anyway, last night Bayern didn’t create much danger, but a disproportionate amount of that danger originated from Banega, again. It’s so easy to fix, he just needs to stop it, he’s a tremendous player otherwise. Which is more than I can say for Correa who is now worse than when he first arrived, he was my great hope for Sevilla and has been so disappointing recently.

My big takeaway from that game was how average Bayern were, they looked tired, Lewandowsky looks washed out, not the same player. Of course Ribery is getting on and Robben also looks like end of career. Javi Martiñez and Rafinho also poor.


Sevilla will be reluctant to take a haircut on Muriel in my opinion, no matter what world cup he has. They’ll prefer to be patient till someone is willing to pay a ball-park sum.

Having said that, Castro has shown he is not frightened to have a major clear out if the players don’t live up to their price tag.

Personally, I’d sell him tomorrow, at half what we paid.


My trip to Munich went very well I really enjoyed it, we were made very welcome by the Bayern fans everywhere we went. The weather was a nice sunny 20c far warmer than Sevilla lol.
I took a few pics on my crappy old phone they’re not great but they give you some idea what it was like.






I was hoping after the draw was made that we would not be humiliated.
Losing by 1 goal over 2 legs to Bayern (when we actually gave them their 2 goals don’t forget) is not too bad I suppose, I just wish we had really gone for it in the 2nd leg instead of being a little over cautious. Bayern did not play all that well and with a little bit more luck maybe we could have made history especially in the 1st leg.

Sevillistas in Munich