Sevilla vs Atletico: Week 18


AG should be in the book - that’s his third or fourth foul.


And there ya go. haha


So Éver hasn’t left those risky dribbles behind in 2018 i see…


Sarabia hasn’t been sharp today. Passes are just off.


WBY brought that down so well, he shoulda put that away.


Ahhhh WBY so close! Inches away from the lead.


Thank you Banega. Someone should have already fouled him by now.


Just maybe not so close.


Promes for Sarabia


Quincy comes in to play as a no. 10. Interesting.


Actually he’s occupying that same RCM position as Sarabia. And looks kinda awkward there.


Gnagnon coming out party! I would have loved if he had scored that one.


Wow Bryan Gil makes his debut! Nice what a moment!


Nice moment for the young kid! That was a fair result in the end! Credit to Atletico, they were much better in the 2nd half and overall I’m quite happy with point! Both teams had chances to win it! It keeps our unbeaten run going.

We can move on and now we face athletic Bilbao 3 times in a row! Vamos!


35 tackles from Atl to our 13; however, we had 15 fouls to their 11?


One little mistake costs us 3 points. Atleti continue to be a complete disgrace to football. Gnagnon was superb. Navas, Mesa and Sergi Gomez all played their best matches in a while.


A draw is always better than a loss, but we should’ve won this one. Robbed of 3 points vs. Valencia and now again… we have only ourselves to blame.

The intensity lowered a lot in the second half, but that free kick just outside the box was unforgivable. Although I liked the performance in overall, but it’s a pity we haven’t beaten this Pathetico team.

3 matches vs. Bilbao in a row now… I’d be surprised if we win only 1 of them.


A lot of positives to take. Lots of players played well, and we know we need reinforcements to bolster the squad. Hopefully we get them this month.

We stay up there and it’s another point towards hopefully achieving a top 4 finish this season! Vamos!


Also nice to see Vitolo get a little comeuppance. Banega gave him a proper kicking (although Carrico’s seemed unintentional). Left in just about the worst way possible. Lost his chance to go to the World Cup just to rot on the bench (or not even make it onto the bench for the Europa League final). Hope he’s enjoying the extra cash and extra trophy that he can’t in good faith take any credit for.


We were playing very good today, very unlucky i would said, but that’s Atletico.

Carrico is a complete idiot, but the good news from this game is that we got Gnagnon, i am expecting to see Gnagnon-Kjaer-Gomez.

On the other side, i am a little bit worried because we do not have replacement for Banega, that deep playmaker. In my opinion we should bring someone with that profile like Denis Suarez or Jose Campana.