Sevilla @ Valencia: Week 14


Take a bow, Quincy. Fucking hell Silva, you have to score.


Calling it, LM will score haha


C’mon Sevilla! We doing amazing, see this out lads!


Damn it!






We lack the winner mentality. I knew this was coming, they attacked throughout the whole match and it was about time the defense would give in. We’re failing on away matches vs. solid teams, as always. No solution from Machin so far.


Muriel the game changer!!

Needless elbow to earn a card, lose a freekick in a dangerous area and cost us a goal

Take a bow and stay in Valencia please.


close to offside there. Vaclik makes a bad judgement there. Should have stayed back or actually try to punch the ball instead of again punching our own guys.


Ouch that hurts! So close!


Man, this feels like a loss. It was our chance to put a foothold on a rival team in a bad situation. They brought out the white handkerchiefs FFS!


Could see that coming, Sevilla didn’t know how to manage the last 15 minutes.


Yep bad sub by Machin. He shouldn’t ever come on again. Mesa or Gnagnon would have been a better sub.


Much more than a loss. No clear strategy that works in away matches, counting on luck. This is the third time (Sociedad, Alaves, Valencia) that we don’t win very winnable matches when playing away and get seriously involved in the title challenge.


Although promes is quite good, maybe better than Vidal at rwb,
But we seems to unable to score twice without navas.
Navas is a huge threat in speed and crossing no one else can provide.
Comparing just to promes, Escudero seems more and more average to me. We really need a new lwb.
And since we still tie for 2nd, I’m not upset at all.
With this year’s pretty average squad, a top 3 finish would be impressive enough


5mins to go and we’re cruising to our most important win so far this season. Then for some crazy reason Machin brings on Muriel and plays him at left back!
As soon as he gave them the free kick you just knew they would score.


Having allowed it to sink in, and get over the late heartache. I’m still pleased with the performance and point! I’m Gutted we never won, as could have lay a while marker here and underline our title credentials.

However, it is what it is, another point and keeps our unbeaten league run going. We still right up their and normally we would lose these last 2 away games, so it shows improvement but still missed opportunities!

On to the next big game at home to Krasnodar. Vamos!


They are who we thought they were. And they let 'em off the hook!


The whole logic of the change seemed sound, Wass was becoming increasingly dangerous on our left hand side, so having a fast attacking outlet on the left in an attempt to replicate the right flank with Promes was a good move in theory. It’s just that Machin once again overestimated just about everything with Muriel.

Hindsight is always 20/20 so we might say that Arana would have been a better fit but it is also partly down to the lack of quality replacements on the bench, sending out Notlito would have been equally suicidal. It is not an encouraging sign when the two most expensive signings from a season ago have become huge liabilities who cannot be trusted to do anything.

And strangely enough, the yellow card wasn’t given to Muriel but to Andre Silva did for kicking the ball away, I guess? Anyhow Muriel probably deserves a red card from the club for his contribution to this game, now let’s just march on to January so we can dump him asap.


Navas back at work