Sevilla v Villarreal: Week 24


Can’t afford to lose this. WBY and Sarabia are rested. Would be nice for Silva to step up. He hasn’t scored in what feels like months.


Important result midweek in an away match. Missed loads of chances, but still came away with the victory. Why not repeat these efforts in La Liga?

I like the XI. Good test for Munir here. Let’s see how he combines with Silva. I want a decisive Mudo like we saw vs Lazio.

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Goals for Silva & Munir would be good. But this will not be an easy game the Villarreal team will be fresh after all the changes made for last Thursday.
I wonder if we will finally see Rog today?


I can’t get my head around this. We purposely went for a conservative victory for 1 goal in midweek, to save players for another game in which we are going to rest players.

The starting 11 gives me the impression that everything is tilted towards the performance of Mudo Vazquez who will be the key to this game. Yes, Silva needs to step up. Amadou has to be a rock, Roque needs to be Roque.

(general liga chat) have watched the games so far, Messi failed miserably in every dribble and needed 2 penalties to score 1 goal, it’s a great pity to see him in decline.

Watched Madrid, who needed a late goal and the 4 minutes of extra time went to 5 minutes on the screen, never seen that before, I’ve seen games that get to 97 minutes for extra time wasting but the screen always showed the original extra time

Watched Valencia Espanyol and I’m reminded of Sevilla with Manolo Jimenez as manager, lost of intensity with few goals, Valencia have shot up the league (they are playing some great football) with a few victories and continue to create 20 chances for every goal, Sevilla still around 4.

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This will be another lame game away.


Sevilla not having it their way, and a bit lame, goal to Villarreal, this will not finish with 22 players on the field. 1-0


Villarreal didnt win on their stadium from 11 or 19 of November. Guess what…


We haven’t won away in la liga since September so this trumps their record :wink:

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You could see from early on they would score on a set piece; we can’t defend them and Wober looks like a young fellow there getting out muscled.

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Even though we’re obviously second best here I’m just happy we did not sign Ekambi, guy scored 17 goals for Angers last season and we were rumored to be in for him. I was not convinced and he has since scored 3 so far.

In this game we can see he lacks finesse and could have been sent off for for 2 handballs.


We’re not on top but we’ve had a few chances, we’ll come stronger if we can keep it a 1-0.
Munir continues to disappoint, we really need Sarabia and Ben Yedder on the field.


I miss Iborra, could add a different approach to this team with his runs and physical presence instead of tippy tappy bs.

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Yep Iborra would have been a great pickup in January.


So Sarabia & Wissam in after HT?

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And we’re 2 nil down, Bacca doing the good work.


What a gift for the 2nd

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Iborra and Bacca killing Sevilla;


Fucking hopeless without Banega, Sarabia and WBY


We came back from 2-0 last year at this ground. But Éverdependencia is still a thing in 2019.


We need Sarabia and WBY on to dig us out of this and Escudero to replace Wobber. If this does not happen soon. we might as well go home now

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