Sevilla v Girona - La Liga - Week 23


Did anyone else see the Valencia game last night?

Levante took a 2-1 lead before the ref disallowed it for a foul on the Valencia player… replay’s showed it was a push by how OWN PLAYER!

Valencia straight from that free kick go down the other end and score. Game over.


Level & incompetency of the refs in La Liga is shocking!
It’s the biggest negative thing after RM & Barca getting most of the revenue’s…every game I watch i can pick out 4-5 bad decisions, most are against us too! petty fouls given at times we have the advantage, and I am not being biased saying that because 1-2 are for us and I wonder how the ref made the decision sometimes!



Glad he didn’t watch Muriel pointing to his left, phew…


Some observations of the game.
As I stated in another post I sit quite near the front of the fondo almost in line with the north goal penalty spot.
What I frustrated me numerous times during the 1st half was Muriel making space for himself, waving his arm in the air and crying out to Mudo or Sarabia for a quick forward pass to run on to, but he was ignored every time and the same predictable pass was sent out wide to Correa who more often than not ran into a defender and lost the ball.
Pizarro gave the ball away almost every time he received it by passing to the opposition.
Rico went from zero to hero with the pen save and a couple more great saves during the 2nd half which will have done his confidence the world of good.
I didn’t see the incident that led to the pen as I was too far away and nobody around me could understand why it was given, but watching a replay later on tv I thought that it was a very harsh decision.
Not seen enough of Layun yet to form a proper opinion but he’s not been impressive so far at defending, when faced with an attacking player he just seems to stick out a leg, hope for the best then watch him run past. (Maybe he’s better going forward?)
Lenglet & Mercardo were both solid at the back, together with Navas.& Escudero,
Sarabia & Mudo were ok.
Not a great performance overall but a win is a win & keeps us in the fight for a European slot.

Hopefully Banega & Muriel will be back to face Manure.


I watched it and agree the ref got it totally wrong on the disallowed goal by Koke.
BTW Is it only me that would like to slap Santi Mina every time he celebrates a goal? It’s nearly worse than Ronaldo & griezmann put together


Yeah Mina seems like a douche when he celebrates.


Definitely need to see some tackling and more aggressive defending from Layun!


I’ve got a few observations too, maybe not so optimistic.

I went to the game, and watched the recording later (because I couldn’t believe some of the things I saw)

First I’ve got to say that Rico was exceptional, massive ‘bien’ from the crowd when he headed a ball safe, had the crowd behind him. He didn’t save that penalty, he gave a Ninja Zen perfection demonstration of how to save a penalty, making the ball land way out to his right where it’s usually safe. But alas, I can’t remember more than three games where’s he’s been anywhere near that level.

When a player receives a pass in a tight situation he’s got 3 options, pass, run with the ball or dribble. Unfortunately, Vazquez only has one of those in his repertoire and it’s dribble. He’s OK in space and does the running and passing but can’t resist the touches to get out of trouble. Banega is not far behind in that respect.

I should have congratulated Leganes for the clean fought cup games and was reminded by the stark difference in Girona that many teams are diving when they feel a hand on their back or breath on their neck, Girona, Betis and Valencia are in that league.

Don’t know how we beat Atletico home and away with our football, there’s really no explaining football sometimes. But taking away the Eibar disaster (tactical error) and the Derby (inexplicable) Montella’s record is looking better. But the football isn’t. We have arguably the best 24 players in our history (we haven’t seen the Brazilian) but we are playing the most unimaginative football. We won our first 5 games without impressing, but haven’t improved the unimpressing football, it’s got worse, except for the second half against Liverpool (games do have two halves).

Fed up of the round the houses football, never through the centre except for low payback flicks and backheels (what players do when they’re desperate). Exception to that is when Muriel runs with the ball, he is direct on steroids.

Sarabia was the best player in terms of workrate and solving defensive problems but going forward was mistaken in almost every contribution, thank goodness that he put that Correa goal away because the ref wasn’t going to award it.


I know what you mean about Vazquez Tim, for someone playing behind the striker he’s too damn lazy & relaxed for my liking. Very talented player, I can see that but he reminds me a little of Berbatov, but he really needs to add something more to his game because we are lacking something there.
And you forgot to mention Pizarro and his sloppy passing, or was it just me that noticed this? I would have much rather have seen Roque Mesa or Geis get a chance.
Sarabia Can actually play just behind the striker and I do think that with Layun pushing for s starting role, Navas would naturally push up on the right of midfield and I’d like to see Sarabia given that free role just behind Muriel.
But that’s just me being the coach from the stands i guess…


I too want to see Sarabia in that role, but the few times he’s been given the chance, he hasn’t impressed. Obviously he was never a starter there, he was either subbed in or shifted there mid-game. The only good reference i have is the 1st Liverpool game where he was subbed in for Pizarro. He gave the midfield a different look, adding mobility & technical ability, but misplaced way too many passes.

I wouldn’t judge him solely on that performance, cause it didn’t feel like the usual Sarabia we see play. So i’d give him the benefit of the doubt and just blame it on Berizzo’s tactics.


Vamos PSG. Emery’s guys getting the first goal against Real Madrid. Hope Madrid are real angry and seek vengeance against Betis in la liga.


Unfortunately yet another ref favouring Madrid :roll_eyes:


Good news! Muriel’s injury is not as bad as first feared, and he is back in training after a couple of days rest :slight_smile:


I thought it was a just PK. PSG should have scored more. Had tons of chances.