Sevilla v Cadiz - Copa del Rey 2nd leg - Match Comments


He was like: “Why should you ask for forgiveness?” … I’m detesting him now.


A tough opponent ahead of the CDR quarters. We have drawn Atletico!


The pairs drawn:

Leganes - RM

Espanyol - Barca

Valencia - Alaves

Atletico - Sevilla

2 more opportunities to boo the hell out of Vitolo the traitor.


Now doesn’t that draw look suspicious?


That Real Madrid and Barca have the easiest and moreso they’re local derby’s?


If that is true then he’s finished.

But, It’s been edited into the video, the clock shows 64 minutes and the goal was scored in minute 57.

I’ve got the live recording and with the clock at 64 minutes there were no images of the bench, also, none of the players look like we’ve just scored. Navas is on the phone or doodling with his ipad, everyone looks downbeat. It could be mischief from the FUT.


interesting observations there Tim, thanks for that

Date confirmed for Atletico Madrid first leg away - Wednesday January 17th! Busy weeks ahead, at least we can’t complain about lack of match practice for Montella


Villarreal have surpassed Sevilla leaving us in 6th place after beating Real Madrid 0-1.

It was a good, entertaining game to watch, Madrid had most of the possession leaving only counter attacks for Villarreal. Normal you might think, but there was more to the game than you imagine. The Villarreal goalkeeper Asenjo made four good saves, I mean it’s real not fair play, Sevilla wouldn’t do that.


Asenjo was outstanding today. I really enjoyed the game even though they go above us for now. It was a great chip by Pablo Fornal for the goal, I just love watching R Madrid get beaten by anyone.