Sevilla v Barça: 1st leg CDR QFs


Yellow all day there on Vidal and nothing


Nice Win! On to Barcelona!


Good game! we must be wise in the rematch, now our focus is Levante, we neeeeeed those 3pts


I just want Sevilla in Champions, I couldn’t care less about the cup or uefa, except that winning uefa is a path to Champions.

Ben Yedder, not his best game but clearly, he never fails on the tap-ins.

Escudero is seriously below his capabilities, Amadou is growing into a serious player, Banega is going in the opposite direction. Just a week left of the transfer market, I expect Sevilla will have a couple of surprise buys.


Not completely satisfied, only for the fact that Barca will go all guns blazing in the second leg with Messi back on action. They’ll get the best refs money can buy as well, so 2-0 is not enough I’m afraid, should’ve been 3-4 to 0.

However, I hope the injuries of Navas and Sarabia are not serious. Props to Amadou for improving a lot recently along with Gnagnon.


As far as i can remember, the modern Barça are always easier to play in the 2nd half. They usually beat down teams by HT. If you manage to keep things close, all that 1st half pressing costs them in the long run. There was so much more space, and it was easier to build up attacks. We could have been more lethal, but the team is really going thru it at the moment — the mental fatigue is very apparent.

A few takeaways:

  • Quincy sorta had a free role behind WBY, but was mostly effective when attacking from the left. Like Sarabia, he becomes a waste at wingback.

  • Banega is missing passes he usually makes with his eyes closed. We need a relief CM! Napoli, quit stalling!

  • Amadou, as we can see once again, should be the default anchor in midfield.

  • Boy, i hope Navas isn’t out for long. Our only reliable wingback which kinda makes/breaks Machín’s system no?

  • Has Arana played his last game for Sevilla?


So Ben Yedder gets fined €3,000 for his under shirt display in support of a trajically dead colleague. While Kevin Prince Boateng wasn’t registered to play but the liga gave Barca permission to play him while his application was being processed ???

Added to the previous controversy over the player who wasn’t eligible to play against Levante?

When Madrid player Cheryshev (with excess yellow cards carried over from Villareal) they were thrown out of the Cup`.