Sevilla - Malaga Match Comments


Ok, they`re going to play behind closed doors is the latest information.


Shendm, regarding the heat, it’s subject to the prevailing coastal wind so if it’s a easterly (Levante) it’s hotter than normal, if it’s a westerly (Poniente) it’s cooler than normal (it’s the opposite on the Malaga coast), so there’s no way of knowing much in advance. The game against Las Palmas was early and a bigger risk but by luck it was OK, while the game against Malaga was during a Levante and hence the unbearable heat.

Here there’s no rain from May to Sept and usually none in Autumn, it just gradually gets cooler as the days get shorter. So it can be unbearable until first week of November.

Brian, what’s the worse thing about living in or near to Sevilla?


Apart from the intolerable heat of July/August which we escape by returning to the Uk. I also find the whole Easter thing gets a bit tiresome after you have experienced it a few times…
Having processions complete with dirge music from trumpets and drums pass under your bedroom window between 3am and 5am most nights for a week makes you wonder of the existence of any God… :thinking::grinning:


I was in Sevilla at Christmas time last year and the mornings were cool but days were still low 20’s Celsius and sunny. Been in late September early October and every day was still 30-35 Celsius. And been in late October to early November and was mid 25-27 daily and sunny… don’t think it ever rains hahaha.


Is there any drought issue in Sevilla, like California or similar?


There are plenty of dams upstream of the Gualalquivir, so it’s well controlled. Then the river itself has an extensive network of canals around Sevilla to irrigate the famland and keep it green, there are even paddy fields of rice south of Sevilla. But if the politicians and/or environmentalists get too involved you can be sure they’ll create a crisis. So there’s no drought but we’re just one more hot summer away from a serious problem because after 3 years of scarce rainfall, the dams have gone from 80% to 30% full.


I have a few petty gripes but the worse thing for me is UV. It turns everything yellow especially cheap plastics, you buy a new fridge, the fridge stays white but the plastic trim goes yellow. A new telefonillo in the kitchen, perfect white, then 3 months later the cable is yellow. 2 Fender guitars and the scratch plates, yellow, the knobs and pickups stayed white.

Best plan is to go with a yellow interior design :grinning:


Quite scary to think of it, but hopefully there will be enough rain to prevent something like that happening.


We live in interesting times. Pique, supported by his team-mates (after voting at the illegal referendum), at war with Sergio Ramos, wants independence but wants to play for Spain (one mixed up guy) and he could withdraw from the national squad. Thursday’s open to public training session could be crucial for his future, I believe that the training session will be closed to public or Pique will withdraw from the squad. Of course, if Barcelona are thown out of la liga, it will benefit Sevilla.


Yeah wants independence but yet wants to play for Spain. What a hypocrite Pique is.


Pique is damn silly.


Curious statistic from Estadio Deportivo.

Against Malaga, the starting 11 was valued at €98m while the six players on the bench were valued at €105m.