Sevilla @ Leganes: Week 17


Leave it to Nolito to squander every half-chance we get…


I love Wissam.


Get that man whatever he wants!




Amadou and Mesa immense in the 2nd half.


Motherfucking Mudo… tried to ruin this one from the beginning. Even Tercera teams are more disciplined than us. Rescind that idiot’s contract and get a serious midfielder before it’s too late.

We could’ve won this one, Leganes got nothing and we were much better even with 1 stupid fuck down. Thank you Amadou, Mesa and WBY (as always).


Mesa put it on a dime and WBY puts it where it belongs! The legend of Wissem Ben-Jedder continues!!!


Great to get a point in end! Feels like a win!


Hope Machin takes note that Amadou is an absolute beast when he plays that Mbia-esque free role. Let Banega be the regista against Atleti with Amadou and Sarabia playing the advanced midfield spots (although that may be harsh on Mesa given how well he’s played the last two matches). Amadou is at his best when he can roam around.


And sell Mudo.


We were supposed to win this shit if they are serious.
But I know that lose points is a must after Banega and Sarabia planned yellow.
And then most like lose points against Atletico.
That’s so stupid.
And Mesa is pretty good this match… for his standard.
A lot of times he can ease the game or keep possession by simple skills or turns, but he simply isn’t that class, he simply don’t have that kind of vision.


Nunca se rinde


Leganes away is always tough, I’ll take a point, Amadou needs more games in the midfield, he could be immense if we don’t get any reasonable reinforcements in the winter window. Mesa could also do a job in engine room against non-top 4 opposition so that’s another plus.

I mentioned that Mudo has found some tenacity and work rate this season but not in this sense, well that probably means a Banega Mesa/ Amadou midfield for At. Madrid, not super promising but hopefully we can hold our own, Rodri has been a great signing for Atletico, did Caparros know he existed?

Sending on Nolito in the final moments is in the same vein as sending on Muriel, hopefully the latter leaves in this window, seeing just either of them on the bench is enough to make me cringe.