Sevilla kit 2020/21 Talk

I’m guessing there have been no leaks so far, and I’m guessing we will still be with Nike and probably still get basic templates as per.

I’m going to hazard a guess at…

Home: All White (controversial?)

Away: Dark Red (Like the 2005ish era Red)

Third: Black (with Orange trim)

Goalkeeper kits. Possibly a yellow variant which I know England and Liverpool will be using.

I think we are Nike for a few years. I’m hoping for a Black third kit with Red trim. I don’t like kits that aren’t on brand.


I would love if we kept the Black kit used this season, probably the best of the four we had. :sweat_smile:


I liked that one alot. Wish I could have snagged one.

It’s boring waiting for an unveiling, surely must be ready. At some point I might post up which Sevilla shirts I have, when I get time.

This was my first, which I bought when I went to the RSP in 2006. I still weirdly keep it in the carrier bag they gave me along with the match programme and ticket, and a Sevilla / Tottenham half and half scarf from a UEFA Cup game.

Maybe just because it was the kit when I became a SFC fan but I always prefer us using this darker shade of red. Some of the kits under Warrior and New Balance the Red was just a bit TOO bright for me.!

The Black version of this is the first SFC Goalkeeper shirt I bought, I even still have the shorts and socks but the Joma on the Shorts has mostly peeled off because it was such rubbish quality.


Slick shirt there.