Sevilla @ Girona: Preview and Discussion


We simply didn’t have pure wingers vs. Girona until Correa came in. Sarabia was playing more in the midfield and couldn’t cut through the flank, while Montoya was more focused on tracking the players than doing anything in the attack. Corchia also had to defend more and the lack of proper communication with Montoya made him also look bad, though he could’ve performed way better with that being said.

Agreed on too many changes. We were quite lucky to get out with full 3 points. Why doesn’t Atletico rotate heavily… or why didn’t they do so in their historic 2013-14 season? It’s not that they didn’t have proper subs, but rotating too much simply doesn’t work. Barca always learns that the hard way, and Atletico on the other hand knows how it’s done… or RM.

If we’d had clones for each of the first team’ers, then it would be alright, but the difference on level between the rotating players is often immense, like Montoya vs. Navas… or Ganso vs. Banega… or similar.