Sevilla FC vs Real Madrid Game Day Chat - 09-26-2018


Oh come on… Arana too now? What happened to him?


Guilherme Arana, jugador del Sevilla FC, se mostraba muy satisfecho por la victoria ante el Real Madrid por 3-0. “Ha sido una noche para la historia para mí y para todos. Estamos muy felices porque ha sido una gran victoria”, afirmaba el lateral zurdo brasileño, quien además tranquilizaba a todos tras haber tenido que salir del terreno de juego pidiendo el cambio por unas molestias en los últimos minutos: “Estoy bien, cansado pero bien. No hay ninguna lesión”.


just tired, no injury…

that’s a relief !

he is clearly behind the other players but has performed as well as could be expected. He is young so hopefully room to improve


Fantastic result and a great atmosphere in the RSP last night. I would give every one of the starting 11 ten out of ten for effort. That was one of the best displays by a Sevilla team that I have ever seen, we were first to almost every ball and what a delight to see us storming forward to get at least 3 players into their penalty area when attacking.

Another plus for me is the new seats in the fondo, they are far more comfy than the old ones and there is a little more leg room.


I thought Arana was really good yesterday. He got caught really far up a few times, but had cover most of the time with the 3 back system. Almost had a goal and an assist that I saw from my work chair.


Marca says he’s injured with a pinched muscle and will have to wait to see how it evolves.

But Mercado and Escudero are back in training so that’s great news. Escudero shows up on the dressing room video and joins in the applause, no sling or bandage and obviously the arm is functioning so he should be back real soon.

While I’ve not been a great fan of Arana, I don’t mind him in the team while we’re beating teams like Madrid 3-0, he’s OK. Gotta say though, the left side is null while the right wing is on fire, most of our goals come from moves originated by Navas.


Navas was a man on fire yesterday for sure.

Arana grimaced noticeably at the end of the match before he was subbed. It looked like a muscle tweak/pull as it was none contact.