Sevilla FC vs Celta Vigo - 10-07-2018 - Match Day 8


I have faith in Promes, he plays on the wing and was electric in his 5 seasons in Russia, scoring no less than 12 goals each season.

Muriel’s statistics have always been pedestrian and once managed to get a grand haul of 6 goals in a season where he was the main focal point of the attack. The fact that Berizzo or Arias sanctioned his signing after managing to score a paltry 11 goals will always puzzle me.

Oh and speaking of Berizzo, his Bilbao squad is now 17th in the table after being thrashed at home to sociedad.


Yeah… it’s proving that his 4-3-3 is very weak defensively :confused:


There’s a lot to be positive about right now, we will go to Barcelona next with a real chance. Things looked bad with all the injuries and the Getafe defeat, but then we seemed to pull together. Especially good is the goal scoring with Silva 2nd and WBY 4th in the leading liga goalscorers. It’s now quite obvious that WBY shines in a two striker team, why has it taken so long to discover that. Also, Sarabia better playing inside.

Mercado and Escudero should be first to return, followed by Amadou and much later Gonalons.

I don’t see any reason for changing a winning team after the rest break, except for injuries. Even if that means leaving Arana there while we continue winning.


We definitely shouldn’t change the winning formula. I’d field Vidal instead of Arana (just like vs. RM) because of the pace but that’s it. We’ll be a real threat for Barca and there’s a chance we might get a positive result, unless Messi goes into GOD mode as almost always against us and causes a debacle - I’m afraid of that as well!


I honestly think we can get at least a point at Barca! It really all depends on Messi but he can’t always do it on his own. If he not in god mode then there is no reason why we can’t leave the camp nou with a draw or more!

Unbelievable to say this but currently we are better all round team than Barca. With our A team we not really weak in any position.

We must strengthen in January as we need better players behind our A team but I’m sure we will. It’s exciting times, let’s see what happens but Barca know they will be in for a tough match.

Catching them at this time is a good thing. They not in great form and they have a few players away on internationals. I know we do too but I think it will affect Barca more. Vamos!


We need a Barca thread.

Our official lineup is our best so far, maybe with Vidal in for Arana, but it’s okay I guess.

One point would be golden, but I’m fine as long as we’ll avoid a humiliation like the CDR final or similar and as long as Messi’s not on GOD MODE (fingers crossed!)



Vamos Sevilla! Let’s do this!