Sevilla FC vs Celta Vigo - 10-07-2018 - Match Day 8


I think Sarabia was on. What a great goal if they reverse this.


LMAO That red card guy… Totally fall into trap

And wby finally!


Mudo has been on a different level today.


Looks like promes still has lots to improve especially passing


Disappointed in Promes so far. He has a very negligent style of playing and it could cost him an earlier departure if he doesn’t step up his game.

A solid win, although we could’ve scored way more. WBY a bit worrying with those missed sitters (one of them would’ve been ruled out by the VAR anyway), but he made a decent effort there for Sarabia’s fast pass. Promes can’t miss those chances… he simply can’t if he wants to get more minutes!

Their goal was a silly one and purely out of luck, 1 in a million, so I’m not worried about the defense, Vaclik or anything. We were top notch and dominated Celta in every aspect, which is never an easy thing to do even at home.

Not sure if it’s too early as we might get a reality check vs. Barca after the international break, but it can be said (with a low voice) that we’re in for the title… at least we’re in!


Promes is espensive, capable but error prone. He will integrate and be a major force in the team.


Yes, their goal was 1 in a hundred, pity that Vaclic coudn’t save it.


We did it guys! Shame we conceded but great goal by the celta player! We are top and done our part! Now we just need Valencia to get a result and we have 2 weeks at the top of La Liga! :slight_smile:


We are leaders of la liga, only Barca has to play.


I pray Barca slip up! C’mon Valencia!




Top of the table after the 8th round. Has this ever happened before?


We really did erase Aspas and Gomez from the game. Well done our defence. It was actually easier than it looked, we move on with straight wins in la liga.


Valencia hold Barca! Sevilla sit proudly at the top of the table!


Yes, we were leaders on and off up until the new year in 2007, lost (robbed by referee) 1-2 to Mallorca at home in the first game of the new year. Chevanton still swears that we were robbed of the title.


This was quite a feisty game. Glad we didn’t really lose our heads. Can’t stress this enough, but our strikers put in a lot of work. That was missing midweek. We haven’t been terrible defensively, but looking at the last run of games i’m not sure who our best CB is. By default i say Carriço, but the more games they play together, and hopeful recoveries of Amadou & Gonalons, we can give Vaclík less work.

The int’l break comes at a good time for us to get some crucial players back. This starting XI will only hold up for so long. But you were right Tim, Sarabia was key today. And i must say, i haven’t enjoyed watching Vázquez this much since that 6-4 vs Espanyol!

All in all, feels good to be on top. Didn’t not imagine this after that Getafe loss. Also it’s way too tight up there. But, that makes for a competitive league. Happy for the guys achieving this feat.


Absolutely right about the strikers putting in a lot of work. Silva tracked down two balls that he had absolutely no right to win. One ended with WBY missing a golden opportunity in front of the net and the other ended up with Araujo getting pissed and sent off.


I’d say we were robbed of Chevanton, he was nowhere near the class of Kanoute and Fabiano when he was here.


Wonderful result, nice to finally see us perform in the games which count. And since most international coaches don’t consider our players such as WBY, Sarabia, Navas and Carrico to be good enough for their national teams the majority can take a well earned rest during these 2 weeks.

The games come fast and hard after this break so hopefully we can get some of the walking wounded back, I guess Gonalons, Amadou and Mercado can come in and help by then?


Vidal was on the bench last night and was warming up during the 2nd half so he looks ready to come back.
I’m hoping that we have not bought Muriel mk2 in Promes