Sevilla FC vs. Cartagena Game Day Chat (Part 2)


Yes. Hope we’ll be luckier this time.


Vamos Cadiz! :slight_smile:


Due to the weather, the 1st leg score and the opposition I gave the game a miss tonight and watched it on tv. With a crowd of only 11,678 I was not the only one.
We won easy enough but Geis did his best to gift them a couple of goals. Mercardo was also poor in defence. I thought Carole had a decent game, Lasso tried his best and was unlucky not to score, Navas also put a good shift in.Soria made a couple of good saves.
The mystery of Ganso continues. How can we afford to leave him out game after game? Some of his passes and clever flicks tonight were out of the top drawer yet again.
I had forgotten Muriel had come on until he turned up to take a corner near the end, did he actually touch the ball before this??
Highlights here (click the “watch on you tube” link to open)


HAHAHAH! Chris roots for Cadiz, Cadiz beats Betis 3-5 in Villamarin. Joyful!


We will face Cadiz for the Round of 16 of CDR. Good that we avoided the top teams. Quarters are very reachable. Time to also show Cadiz what a true team from Sevilla can do and that they have faced the fake wannabe ones.