Sevilla FC v. Real Madrid Game Chat


Carrico for WBY - We now have 6 defenders on 3 CDMs and one Striker


Holy cow what a goal by Mercado!!!


Own goal for Ramos. He’s played like shit tonight. haha


Exactly, Chris.

We avoided the 2-1 by acccident, put more defensive and we can still score.

But Madrid have to go and score. 3-1


Dumb by Mercado


3·-2 final.

Caparrroz Rocks


That was amazing!!! Hahah. I had no idea what to expect, and in the first 20 mins I was fearing the worst, but what courage and heart shown by the players. The fans were incredible too. Ramos! Haha brilliant. Missed pen and and own goal. WBY must stay. Also, one last thing, bring on Betis!

I have more to say but will write tomorrow… have beers to drink and beticos to wind up!


Thank you Caparros!

This team looked hungry, compact and ready to sacrifice. When I first saw the line-up I was shocked, 5 defenders, but it turned out to work just perfectly at the end. Luckily that we scored 3 and were very solid at the back, as the referee was ready to give a penalty for RM every time their players reached the box.

This was the second team of RM but it wasn’t our first either (on paper). Though it’s crazy how much more some of the same players were running and how bravely they played compared to Montella’s time.

Mixes of Berizzo and Montella were showing in the second half (can’t help it anyway), but the first half resembled Atletico and the team played like true warriors on the pitch.

We only need 4 points in the next 2 matches (providing Getafe wins both of theirs) to qualify for the EL, however, we can also snatch the 6th or 5th if very lucky, who knows.

Now it’s time for a sweet revenge vs. puta Betis!!!


That ref jeez. So Caparros is 2-0 and the players look more motivated than any other time this season. The agreement was just for him to finish the season (free of charge) and then move into an office position, but do you guys think it’s worth considering him to stay on next season?

Also, I think we should play it safe and make it a chippy derbi with Betis aiming for a tie and then slip Alaves a maleta under the table to wrap up the Europa spot. I’d be pretty shocked if we could knock off Betis on the road and trying to do so could result in a loss which means the final place might not be totally in our hands going into the last game. Considering they kicked our asses in the Pizjuan and have a high powered offense, that’s just my opinion. Puta Betis


I’d give him a shot for 1 season, why not? I mean, we gave a half-season shot to Montella :stuck_out_tongue:


So we had Pareja at the back, no Banega, Mateu Lahoz as the ref against his fav Real Madrid, and we ended up winning the game!? And i love how Lahoz gave them a penalty like “hey Real, i kept my promise to give y’all a last min pen.” This guy…

I only caught the last 15min or so of both halves, but will rewatch later on. Loved that we finally had Muriel & Ben Yedder start together. Only took us about 50+ games to try that out. But it’s yet another win for Caparros at the end. Never a dull moment in sevillismo.

And cannot say this enough, but…
Bring. On. Puta. Betis!


Peak Ramos schaudenfreude LMAO


I thought pareja was great except for the marking on the goal


Pellegrini to return to La Liga through Sevilla? YES PLEASE!


Yes! We need this caliber of manager for our team. But i think this only happens if we end up getting Antonio Cordón, ex-Villarreal sporting director, to takeover from Arias in the summer.

Link :


Does Pellegrini have the fight and drive to push Sevilla back to glory?


I did warn you about this ref in the other thread. He will do all he can to help R Madrid, he’s a disgrace to his profession.


This was a totally irrelevant match for RM and they had only 3 starters in the lineup. Can’t even imagine what he’d be able to do if RM needed 3 points.