SEVILLA FC - Levante (Game Day Chat / Round 16)


Ref blows dangerous foul, stupid decision, ball to hand.


8 minutes to go. Game frantic but I think we’ll score.


escudero has to put that on net at least. from that close there could’ve been a rebound or somehting. instead drags it wide.


Another shit nil-nil home draw against Levante. At least this one wasn’t at 6am on a Sunday morning.

Wouldn’t mind buying Lerma off of them.


Can’t drop points at home :frowning:


We’re a top 4 squad with mid table tactics, it’s that simple.


Bad performance again by the team. We not playing well currently. Glad we got a point!


Lenglet misses RS game




Glad I didn’t watch the game


Yes, another poor performance. It’s a bit of a mystery why good players like Correa, Sarabia and even Escudero are in indifferent form. But putting that to one side, I really can’t describe Sevilla’s tactics (can anyone?), the best description is ‘anonymous and secret’.

To me it seems our tactics are a mixture of the slow and over-elaborate with over-frantic spasms. The defensive plan seems to be; leave gaps, let them score from corners and if all that fails, the number 10 shirt will lose posession in a dangerous situation.


I found this dropped on the floor by the dressing room door last night Tim . :wink: It explains our tactics of late.




This more or less describes this season’s Sevilla… so far.