Sevilla @ Athletic: Week 19


well then, make that 9 seasons without a win away at Bilbao


Why didn’t Gomez foul him?


Bryan comes on for his customary cameo, I don’t get this.


That will be a straight red.
Gomez never get a card this season.
He’s the type of player never foul unless absolute necessary.


Simple match.
Bilbao lock down navas and Banega, and we’re done.


More like no help for Navas, Bilbao doubled him every time he had the ball on the flank and nobody helped him, hate to say this but Sarabia has been anonymous for 2 matches in a row, we can not afford this.


Well, we are two different teams at home and away, we can’t win away this season (besides Levante and Eibar earlier this season, but that will never happen again will it ?). We can’t score when we are playing away and I doubt we will reach UCL this season until if we immediately start to play normal away.


I always said that Sarabia was one good game then two or three nothings.

But Banega was nowhere today, even Wobbly table was better.

But they are fighting for survival and we didn’t have a solid defence to combat them. On the second Goal Kjaer was upfield and Gomez was left to take care of defence, not good. If we have a back 3 then we have to have a back 3, if someone goes up, another player needs to fall back.

Disappointed but there you go.


You know that feeling when you’re just looking for a scapegoat? Don’t want to single out anybody, we were just outplayed. We started horribly and the one-man counterattack called Iñaki Williams was too much for our defense.


I knew this was coming. We clearly haven’t prepared well for the match, it was going to be a whole different one as expected. Inaki humiliated us single-handedly.

We’re not for CL next season, still have a lot of work to do. When was the last time we have won a match that was important for us to win it in the league? Can’t remember that.

Everyone was totally off and I won’t be surprised if Bilbao puts 3-4 past us on Wednesday if they chose to play with their A team.


I thought it was coming too. They’re a bogey team in Bilbao, but we’ll whup their sorry asses in Nervion.


We’ve had the priorities wrong as it seems. Top 4 is more important for us than CDR, in which even if we get past Bilbao we will probably not win it (even if we reach the final) as long as Atletico, RM or Barca are in it, that’s a given.


Awful performance and bad result! Williams was the difference and his pace is something else. His goals were dynamite and he destroyed our defence.

They deserved it and it’s a setback for us. We need to comeback stronger from this and we need more players in. We still in few areas