Sevilla at Real Madrid: Week 20


Promes also warming up


Sevilla have failed to dominate Madrid other than for the occasional minute. Changes needed. And if it stays the same then Mateo Lahoz will have to play his cards.


well it was nice while it lasted… who are we kidding we are toothless to the real madrid second team


Vaclík 5/10
Carriço 5/10
Kjær 7/10
Gómez 7/10
Navas 5/10
Escudero 5/10
Banega 3/10
Sarabia 2/10
Vázquez 4/10
Ben Yedder 6.5/10
André Silva 5/10
Promes 5/10
Munir 5/10
Bryan n/a


Sarabia more like -2/10


I’d give Vaclik a 6, Silva was missing in action.

We also don’t need to worry about Sarabia leaving, I doubt anyone would go for him now.


boring and frustrating.
When is the reinforcement in LWB and midfield? Don’t tell me Gonalons is the answer…
Banega is the DM now, are you kidding me? that’s why Mesa doesn’t look bad occasionally.
Machin need to try something new now rather than use exact same 11, some of them look tired already.


I’m getting a bit sick of Banega thinkng he’s far better than he really is. The 1st goal was down to him giving the ball away yet again. I was willing Machin to get Mudo off before half time he contributed nothing.
Madrid were there for the taking today and we created 1 chance on goal!


I’m a bit disappointed that the software wouldn’t allow me to make more comments at a key stage of the game, it was imperative that Banega were to be replaced by Amadou, but within 2 minutes Banega lost the ball and it was 1-0. I’m trying to make comments so that people can follow the game sequences later if they haven’t seen the game

The Manager has to take some of the blame, Sevilla were inventive but not disciplined in their play. The changes that followed should have been Promes for Silva, not WBY. Bryan Gil should not have entered while Sevilla were defending heavily.

Big fat Zero for Sarabia, (did he play?)


Kjaer was our best player today, I wouldn’t give any others more than 5


At least everybody won with the bookies right? :wink:


For yesterday’s game, our defense was really solid and that’s good thing, Kjaer was in beast mode on that game.
I don’t like the fact that Machin is always playing the same 11, why not playing Amadou or Vidal for example.
Mudo and Banega have stamina of a 5 year old and Mudo start being useless somewhere around 30min.
Escudero also is having a really bad season, the worst one from when he came, we have 2 LWBs (Arana and Escudero) who are totally useless in attack, LWBs without crosses…
We need urgent reinforcement in MF and LMF.


This is crazy, our strikers are almost non-existent in their weekly game while our out-on-loan Colombian wonder scores a brace for his new employers Fiorentia to salvage a draw against his former team Sampdoria, hope this builds up enough confidence for them to buy him outright, perhaps Serie A daycare really is his forte.

And speaking of former (maligned) strikers, Llorente gets a call-up due to the injury crisis hitting Tottenham’s striker department, he started and has scored - for the opposition. Wow

Weird week we’re having.


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