Sevilla at Celta Vigo: Matchday 22


Wby and Mesa only trying something, I would probably take at least 5 players from Sevilla Atletico, at least they would give their best


What a shit game, I’m not used to this from Sevilla.


Amadou looks so promising. He should get more PT going forward.


Celta didn’t win for 5 matches, they are shit literally, guess what…


I am feeling sorry really for WBY, he is doomed to play with idiots


Now he desides to make an offensive minded sub. I’m assuming Gil? It better not be for WBY!


Or not, sticks with Escudero for Sarabia


Éver should see red there.


Why does he have an armband today? It’s not a red in my opinion though.


4th place at risk now.
And Europa league start next week.
Machin you better make some changes.


The goal was on Kjaer… unnecessary corner conceded and poor marking on their corner execution.

However, the whole team was unmotivated to play well in overall. I’m not optimistic for the 4th place anymore and already have doubts about Machin, his subs often kill the match off, especially as of late.


Banega needs to be benched. Offering nothing at the moment. Mudo should no longer play at CM; he’s becoming a waste there. Yes he works hard, but i say the same thing for Nolito.

The defence is the best we can do right now cause we have no reliable CBs. Carriço started the season well (and healthy), but is regressing. Kjær has improved tbf, but will still get exposed by certain attackers.

This is the only midweek we have off till Europa League starts. A nice lil break ahead of yet another grueling month. It was really ugly out there today.


Awful game to watch. Why have we gone back to “tippy tappy” sideways then back again? It was like watching us under Berizzo. The only player trying was WBY. The rest of them were clearly not interested. We are so missing Navas. I have said it before , we can’t play Mudo, Banega and Mesa together in the same position all they do is get in each others way.


We have managed a massive 4 points out of 102 when facing Atletico, Valencia, Barca, Athletic and Real away, and after this game we last won away on September 14.

With other teams such as Betis and Valencia resurgent Machin needs to accept that Sarabia has been in terrible form and needs to be benched, Mudo should not play in CM anymore and play in Sarabia’s position for his own sake. Banega has regressed ever since other clubs circled around him, I say just get rid of him asap, I thought a second spell would look promising but if he keeps giving us these crap performances I couldn’t care less. Amadou should start both for rotation and defensive sake, Mesa has improved and warrants a starting position, Rog could come in and ease into the side. As mentioned earlier a lack of cover in the midfield is holding us back. Gonalons may come back but after 4 months out I’m not sure how much he can contribute to the side right now.

Machin, do your job or else risk losing Amadou in the transfer window to some shit EPL mid-table side.


That midfield trio of Banega-Sarabia-Mudo was good to establish the 3-5-2. Now we actually need CMs to keep playing that formation. I agree with you that Machín should at least try to push Mudo up the field. He played as a support striker in this exact formation with Dybala. Some parts of that Barça match were great with Sarabia roaming around André Silva. Mudo won’t be as agile, but right now he’s starting to waste possession with things he’s supposed to do in the final 3rd.

Losing to Celta may be the wake up call we needed. But i feel like i always have to make this type of excuse when we lose to a far inferior opponent. Mendilibar has always been decent at managing his Eibar sides. What will Machín conjure up? Vamos a ver.


Levante just beat Celta 1-4 away, just saying, we are the only team still not playing away…