Roma game off

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Breaking news: #ASRoma will not travel to Spain for the


match against


after the plane from Italy was not authorised to land in Spain. More details from UEFA soon.

Heard that on Sky Sports News before I left for work. Obviously far more challenging issues to deal with in the world right now of course, but this football season, particularly in Europe might as well be a write off now in my opinion. Serie A is definitely not going to get finished in its entirety that is for sure.

No football below the top two divisions guaranteed. Looks like the players unions etc are pushing for the Primera and Segunda to also be suspended too. Only a matter of time.

I would assume the UEFA Euro 2020 will be pushed back a year, or will they try a condensed schedule assuming things get back to normal before Mid-June?

Think there’s been a bit of an overreaction to this coronavirus personally.

Yes it’s a concern but is all this really necessary? This years football season is going to be a write off, especially in Italy.

It is now being suggested that the tie is played as a one-off knockout game in a neutral ground.

Unfortunately it is. The WHO just confirmed it as a global pandemic. Although it ain’t lethal to some, simply carrying the virus without showing symptoms can cause devastating effects. That’s why Italy is badly affected now.

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Not saying there isn’t a problem in some areas of the world, and Italy does have it bad compared to some. So the right decision has probably been made regarding the game.
However I still think we have seen an overreaction to something that probably isn’t any worse than the flu. Most of the deaths and cases have involved elderly people who are ill already.
Far more people die of flu and there are a greater number of cases and we don’t have countries in lockdown, football leagues being cancelled and people panic buying for toiket tissues. The world has gone mad and a lot of it is scaremongering whipped up by some of the media!

Not surprising. Not sure how this is gonna hey sorted out now. Will be interesting to see how europa deal with this situation now.

La Liga suspended for at least two weeks. Are we going to finish the season?

I guess we’ll have to wait for UEFA’s official statement on Tuesday. They’ll discuss about the leagues around Europe & Euro 2020.

I’m assuming the Euros will just get pushed till next year, and hopefully finish this season into the summer. If conditions worsen, i reckon this campaign will just get scrapped?

Sorry @Deej1992 but you are off base here. Here are some articles that should help provide some information. Please stay home when possible. This shit could take a year to level off: