Real Madrid vs Sevilla FC (12-09-2017 Game) Pregame Chat


Scratch that! Don’t go on link! Good news: the link works! Bad news: we getting taken to the cleaners

Embarrassing. Real Madrid have been awesome but we been awful. We just can’t compete with the top teams away from home. It’s not good enough, if we want to get in top 4 and also get further in the champions league.

We need reinforcements in January. At least we are hanging in with the top 4. We beaten the teams we should beat but we have to be better against the better teams. At least we can try again when we play them all at home. We have more chance.

We need to save face 2nd half. I thought we had a good chance today but with Sevilla you see the good and the bad. We seen the very bad today!

Hard to take but the team needs to play better in 2nd.


5-0 and I can still watch but confess to sitting under the table with the dog when Madrid get a corner.

When we do get forward, invariably by mistake, we immediately recognize the error of our ways and rotate play back to the central defenders to start again, genius and novel system which surely has some deeply significant mystical purpose, too complex for us mere mortals to understand.

Perhaps this is the cunning plan to stop Muriel being offside

But wait, there’s more, when we get the ball back to centre-field, Madrid rob Banega of possession and go through our defence like it wasn’t there. Genius.

Carole has no pace and shoud never have played in this game, he’s getting eaten alive on the left. Two goals have come from Banega losing possession. There’s only one solution for that problem because he’s already on a yellow card.

I hope that Madrid score 5 more and maybe we’ll take a little looky at our style of play.


Hahahahaha… hilarious.

Can the management discuss abandoning the match without getting penalized with points or similar?

So all that “saving themselves for RM” bs after the Maribor match, is definitely not true. Our players are not giving a crap, jogging around the field. They have caused more fouls than us.

Carole a disaster in defense, Muriel a disaster at attacking (and defending set pieces). Navas doesn’t add antyhing to the match.

Bring on WBY, Ganso and Sarabia at least lets have some fun in the second half.


I am still pleased with our start to the season. As we have qualified for the last 16, into next round of cup and in top 5 of league. This just shows we not ready to go to next level. As against the best teams we get badly exposed.

For now we just need to focus on the winnable games. We got a nicer run of games coming up so all is not lost. If we can hang in we can still stay in touch. However, we need 2-3 players in jan to strengthen us.

We are doing as well as we can but we shouldn’t be getting embarrassed like this and be 5-0 down at half time. Vamos!


Any comments on the legendary performance of Rico?


For every 10 shots on target, 6 or more are goals usually, depending on how outstanding he’s playing.


We are already in Champions league knockout round,
So I only hope for a 4th finish somehow and get rid of Berizzo.


Nothing left to hope man. 4th place is long gone. There is still the second half of the season to be played, but we have to admit the fact that Valencia, RM and Atletico are all superior compared to us this season. They can win the boring matches way easier and can actually get a result out of the top teams, while we can’t. We were fooled with Liverpool, but their defense is as pathetic, if not more pathetic than ours, I mean as a whole, the defensive system.

I lost trust in Berizzo since that debacle vs. Spartak, which shouldn’t have happened at all costs, and matches like today show that it wasn’t just an accident, rather a defensive system that gets exposed often and collapses, and if the opponents are willing and serious enough, they can do a lot of damage (4+ goals past us).

I really hope that the management acts wisely in January and saves this season before it is too late. Saving meaning at least trying to go far in CDR (why not win it?) to soothe the damages from the first half of the season, and at least maintain the Europe League places, as we can risk losing that too. Top 4 unreachable in my honest opinion.

Also fingers crossed we perform some miracle and go to the quarters for the first time in the history of the club, although the chances are extremely slim.


I was hoping that Madrid would score a few more - to ensure that the management re-examine the situation with the seriousness it deserves.

We can correct defensive errors, we are bad on corners, Banega loses possession in bad places, we have no urgency in our standard play.

But what worries me is not so much the poor tactics and team selections, it’s the fact that we have to ditch some valuable players in their first year of contract, namely Navas and Muriel. We have to ditch the goalkeeper and get someone of guarantee. Then we have players who are top quality but regularly have bad runs of form namely Mercado, Nolito, Correa and Sarabia. Solving those problems all but guts the team.

It’s a bit of an embarrassment that we are still in the last 16 of the Champions.


Finally back after a couple of hectic months where I couldn’t even catch a game. Was sort of expecting a 3 goal rout since Madrid have our number but nothing like this. But then again playing another suicidal 433 away from home against Madrid is probably asking for it. Can we keep muriel on the wing and not in center forward where he can make full use of his ball teleporting abilities? His control is just cringe-worthy. The complete lack of CBs has been biting us since September, we are a lenglet and Kjaer injury away from starting Geis in that position, which is a complete embarrassment.

I was wondering if the Liverpool and Villarreal fightbacks were a turnaround or a blip in the radar. A win versus deportivo made everything look rosy but this brings us back down to earth, we have completed the dismal collection of losing away to just about every decent side in Europe, the list contains Barca, Bilbao, Valencia and the evil Madrid twins. Only good news is we would be facing them at home in the second half of the season. Given we won’t last long in the Champions League anyway we could regroup and mount a charge for 4th or the CDR.


Muriel and Kjaer are definitely not the players that I imagined. We splashed a lot of cash for them and neither of them is proving to be any better than the rest, if not worse.

Can’t wait to have Pareja and Carrico back, they defend with their hearts and play for the team, not for the money like many of our players currently.

It seems that the ‘nunca se rinde’ is not fully installed in the team’s system as of yet and has some sporadic sings like the Liverpool and Villarreal matches, but it needs to be kept in tact for longer.

Also, we lack a winning mentality and our counters (which were our toughest weapon since forever) are gone and it is a pity.