Player List For Celta


Arana is on a hat-trick


What I would give to have Beto back :grinning:




And Immobile


Imagine if these kind of humiliations would happen to Atletico this frequently… they’d cut the salaries of half of the team and who knows what else would’ve happened.

I’m fearing the worst, no European football for the next season, but the question remains: do we really deserve it? I’m 50-50 on that one.


5 shots = 3 goals for Aspas today. How many would Muriel need:roll_eyes:


Wow, Carriço was not fit at all. He was totally unable to recover. But our defence is a shambles regardless.

And I just don’t get the manager’s reluctance to play 4-4-2 when it has clearly helped the teams in the top 4.

I doubt we’ll be this bad on Wednesday, but who’s to say?


I usually use games as an excuse to not do work, but today I used it as an excuse to work lol. Didn’t feel good about this one with everyone being tired and our away record with champs leg 2 coming up. Also, N’Zonzi said in an interview that they lost energy in 2nd half of Bayern game due to the previous Liga game against Barca. If that’s the case then that’s ridiculous because all we had to play for against Barca was pride.

Any chance of bringing Emery back?


One can hope right?


I think it’s the combination of having played 3 competitions with 2 managers and an injury prone and unsettled defence. The manager has spent most of his time preparing for the next game instead of problem solving. Having said that, I think Montella will be out after the Bayern game, certainly he’ll not be there next season unless he pulls an elephant out of a hat against Bayern and goes on to win the cup. I say that because while results matter most, we are not getting the results or playing the style of a top team.

I think he did the right thing by going for a fixed team but he’s over-done it too strictly, that’s why the new players have not come into play. If not then it’s a case of undermining Arias which is not good. The only new signing that has come in is Layun because of injuries to Navas, Corchia and Merado. The rest have barely two games. It appears like a slap in the face for Arias.

But today Sandro has looked like he might keep Correa out from now on.

Layun looks OK to me. Arana looks out of his depth and Roque Mesa similar in the minutes he’s played.

As someone said, the season is over, but there’s nothing wrong with being out of uefa next year if that happens. We just have less income but more time for planning and winning.

Remember that Sevilla are not a club, or a team, they are a phenomenon, nunca se rinde.

Only 4 teams have put 5 or more goals past Real Madrid in the Bernabeu in history, only Sevilla have put 4 goals past Barcelona in the Messi era. Only one club has won 5 uefas. Only Sevilla can do the impossible.


Betis now lead us 3 points.


Bilbao and Celta put 4 past Barca also :stuck_out_tongue: , but other than that, good analysis.

I don’t rate this Sandro that much, maybe similar to Correa, but they both are terrible finishers.

There’s nothing wrong being out of Europe, but it’s way way better to build a team with European football on the door (Emery, Simeone did similar), rather than without. A lot of teams had a similar ‘fairytale’ like Valencia, finishing 4th without European football that season, but they succumbed in the coming season (I can think of Bilbao, Villarreal, Sociedad…) so it is still a negative thing to go into a season without European football, mainly because the experience, but it would also mean taking a break and unless we win another EL we won’t be taken seriously in Europe anymore.