Match Preview – Real Sociedad v Sevilla FC – Week 17


Mudo is putting on the shirt


too many backwards passes when we could be going forward


switched off after their sub

far too much space



I feel relieved, like when I wished the first half 5-0 in Madrid would extend to 8-0 or 10-0, only to get rid of this manager.

Bye bye Berizzo


have to admit we are as good as Celta Vigo were under him. i.e Not good enough


It’s as if we never played together before. Despite all Berizzo has tried, NOTHING is working. Sure, the personel isn’t the best, but this is pitiful.


He’s history.


Hopefully he will step down to concentrate on kicking cancer’s ass. Just isn’t working for this team this year. I know we are missing two key CBs, but for all measure Kjaer and Lenglet are good enough. Playing through the wings doesn’t work for this team as there isn’t any height up front to head in the crosses. We are missing leadership on the pitch too I think. Too much rotation + rotating captain arm bands just doesn’t work in my opinion.


agreed! we are a mess, and now after 6 losses in the last 7 away games, the lucky comeback at Villareal just papered over the cracks.

A loss to Betis and Berizzo will be gone, in fact nothing more than a convincing win should be enough


that was the worst part, we looked tidy as footballers, but inept as playing as a team. That has to be the coaches fault


also cannot believe we gave Carlos Vela the perfect send off to MLS

Was almost scripted… sickening


As a temporary solution, sure. I just think it’d be harsh to sack someone right around Christmas, especially after what he’s going thru. We could be worse off in the league, and we’re still in touch for a Top 4 finish.

There was so much change in the off-season (as usual), but in this case it was more than just the players — from Monchi and his scouts, to the Sevilla B coach, and to the medical staff. Arias & Berizzo were naïve with our defense, and look where we are. Both Pareja & Carriço are unsurprisingly missing in action, and if u ask me, Nico would still be MIA even if he was playing.

I’m willing to sacrifice this whole season to get this club back on track. We’re far from favourites to obtain a CL berth for next season, but a well executed January window can see a rejuvenated team in the 2nd half of the campaign.


Hmm… nice perspective there. Perhaps that exact thing should be done by Berizzo, resign and concentrate on his health. Because after all, health is more important than anything and without it, nothing can be achieved or valued or enjoyed in life.

So yeah… perhaps time to say goodbye to Berizzo and hopefully he will not be stubborn enough to want to stay for longer. Nothing that he has tried has worked, and I doubt there is any Sevillista that fully understands this system and that is not puzzled by this team in overall.

It would be good to have a deal with Berizzo so that the club pays his remaining contract salary, but it is still considered as resignation due to health rather than the harsh sacking. It would be better for Berizzo’s morale and image, and better for the club to care about him in that way.

Even if Berizzo continues, he will be most likely sacked in the summer, as there’s an extremely slim chance that things will change for the good with this system, no matter who comes and goes, the system of play and the tactics altogether suck… at least for Sevilla. Celta is another story.


I think perhaps that it’s not only N’zonzi that Berizzo has upset,. The whole team doesn’t seem to want to play for him. Banega, Escudero, sarabia , Mudo and KD for example don’t suddenly become bad players. He has 2 games left to turn things round, lose to Cadiz & Betis and he should resign with dignity. Otherwise the hankies will be out and “Veteya” will echo around the RSP.


Hmm… I think Cadiz and Betis matches shouldn’t be the conditions for Berizzo to stay or go. It would be false signal if we win both of those matches, with ease (especially the one with Cadiz), because we are way better on paper and the players will do their professional jobs and win. I think the management needs to act sooner rather than later.

If they want to change something, they’d better do it ASAP, or else it would be too late and much more complicated.

I agree on other players not being at 100% as well. Not sure if it is because Berizzo as a coach, or simply his system that isn’t allowing these players to perform to their usual level.


Club meeting tomorrow to discuss future of Berizzo and Tevenet. I don’t believe there are many hang ups about sacking people at Christmas in Spanish society, quite the opposite it’s business as usual.


Maybe the dreaded vote of confidence??


I believe in Berizzo, as a person, that he will be clever and negotiate a resignation, maybe take a bit less money than Sevilla would pay if they sack him, but much better for his own image and also the club’s.

As Chris said, he should leave football alone a bit and fully concentrate on his health. Cancer is not a joke. I don’t think having a stressful job with a lot of work to do and a lot of disbelief and criticism around is going to make things better for Berizzo’s health. The man needs some relaxing and family time, professional football can be a real pain.

I once read an article where it was stated that (a medical fact) the EPL managers develop kidney stones faster due to the high stress that comes with the position and the frequent sackings (career ruining for some managers).

So things need to be put in a human perspective. Life and health is above all. Screw football, if you’re sick, you cannot play or participate in any way, regardless of the love and passion for the sport, it’s a human being’s life after all.


The WBY celebration was very muted yesterday. I do agree there seems to be something going on in the locker room.


Doesn’t phase anyone here in the US either. Employers love to hand out walking papers at the end of the year.