Maribor vs. SEVILLA FC - Game Day Chat (Part 2)


Seems that we were bored of leading first and having comfortable wins vs. Cartagena and Depor, so we decide to go the comeback route in this match.

Stats are shocking, 70-30% possession for us, but not a significant chance, while they scored once and were more dangerous in overall, with only around 80-ish passes or so. On the other hand, we had around 350 passes… Sampaoli flashes for a moment there.

Thankfully, Liverpool is doing the job for us, they truly deserve the first place in the group as they are probably one of the best attacking teams in CL, and football needs entertaining teams like Liverpool.

In the meantime, the players are clearly on the pitch just to show up and not putting much effort, but in overall we seem to be very weak when attacking. Sarabia is playing too deep in the line at RW, he resembles Leicester’s Marc Albrighton, a stupid hoof-ball player that has terrible crosses.

Maybe we can turn this around, even though with Liverpool’s win we are already through as second. Not sure if the players are worth criticizing as they are also saving themselves for the important match on Saturday vs. RM, however, the likes of Maribor should’ve been beaten with a ‘walk in the park’ style, just like Liverpool did (0-7 in Maribor).


I hope the players were told that Moscow are winning 3-0


Hahahhaha nice one Chris.


Hopefully the players were told at half time that Spartak were winning against Liverpool

5-0 now to Liverpool, we are in the next round draw


Ha! I thought the exact same


agreed, they should be cannon fodder for most teams, but like you say, perhaps the Madrid game is on the back of the players’ minds


What happened to Correa - started the season so well, now looks lost and lazy.


some of his passing his been very sloppy

why is he still on the pitch?

also, cannot believe Banega is playing 90 minutes with such an important game coming up on Saturday!!!


what a shocker for their goal keeper




Yep, but EB is elite he should be able to go 90 in back to back.


the more I watch the Ganso goal the more I think he put so much spin on the ball the keeper misjudged the flight after the bounce!

Genius if he meant that!


ugh. great ball from navas. ganso couldn’t get there well enough


Boring game in overall. Good that we didn’t lose. Fatal error from their keeper and Ganso scores to get the point.

We’re through to the knockout stages and will be waiting the draw that takes place on Monday (11th of December).

We can face the following teams:

Manchester United
Manchester City

All of the teams are strong, with Besiktas and Tottenham a bit of an exception, but all of these teams can humiliate us if the players are not up to their best. Hoping for Besiktas, but something tells me we will draw Roma or Man City.


Great response by the team. Nice to see ganso score again! We picked up another point and ended on a respectable 9. Bar the Moscow away nightmare we did a solid group campaign.

Plus what I’m happy about is we played within ourselves. We look as though we picked up no injuries and also no suspensions so everyone will be available for the last 16, provided no injuries by then.

We have done the job and despite not being at our best at times this season we in a good place. We doing well in la liga, level with Real Madrid and keeping pace with the other top 3 too. A 5 horse title race currently. We still in cup and have a golden chance to reach quarters there getting Cadiz.

We rode our luck at times but earned it too and this team has great character. We can approach the Real Madrid match with little to fear and nothing to lose. All the pressure is on them!

We have a great run of fixtures after that. We also have all the top teams to play again at home. A great result at real could put us as surprise title challenges. Who knows?

As for the last 16, well however we get is gonna be tough. We underdogs against any opponent. That suits us though. Considering our poor record in this round, I not confident of advancing to quarters but we have nothing to lose. Getting to the quarters would be like winning it but who knows? We can improve by then and 2-3 signings in jan with nzonzi, champions league money and other money could boost us further.

Main thing is we alive in all comps and well placed to challenge and improve.



Congrats everyone. Onto the Round of 16. Always nice to spend Christmas knowing that we’re one of the best 16 teams in the world. Vamos!