Malaga vs Sevilla


If there is one thing that made me laugh when I lived in Sevilla it is the locals absolute distaste for rain.

Even if there is a slight chance of some rain drops people stay at home. I used to play football every week, and the amount of cancellations that would come if there was a 50% chance of showers.

Coming from Scotland I found this highly amusing as if we allowed the rain to stop us playing or attending football matches we would never leave the house!


Muriel does make space for himself centrally in front of the opposition goal that just cries out for a quick pass forward for him to run on to, but for some reason 99% of our attacks have to come from the left wing. It’s so frustrating to watch at times.


The difference is jonjar almost all football stadiums in Scotland & England are totally covered and you can watch the game in relative comfort, even in a monsoon.
In my seat in the RSP I end up soaked to the skin and can’t even see half the pitch due to all the umbrellas around me.:grinning:


I know Brian I was actually very fortunate that in my entire season and a half going to games I didn’t once get caught in the rain. Sat in Fondo F33 for majority of games


I did go in the end and yes I did get wet :sweat_smile:


The only wet part of me on Saturday was my arse! from the wet seat, joys of sitting under the covered roof area, although some to the side of me were getting wet from the rain blowing just inside but they quickly moved inside to some empty seats. It’s worth the extra to be out of the sun and out of the rain


Aren’t there plans to roof the rest?


not that I am aware of, but really it doesn’t matter for 99% of the games. I personally loved sitting out in the open air, especially for the cooler evening games, although one advantage for covering the stands would be the crowd would be louder and could make the stadium even more of a fortress than it already is


I thought i remembered hearing about the future plans including a roof all the way around for that very purpose to increase how loud it is and to get more of a chance to host finals.