M15: Sevilla v Leganés [2019-20]

Tricky game. Hope the squad can pass this test!

Starting XI.

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We struggling to break them down! We gonna have to be patient here as they are well organised. We were unlucky with the offside goal but we need to do more going forward.

De Jong, trash. Nolito, trash. Of course Lope puts in an extra midfielder where a winger/attacker should be. Our buildup sucks with Jordán in the pivot. Did i mention Luuk was trash?

Jeez, this is what i wake up for? :pensive:

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All is not lost yet. I think Lopetegui needs to look to his bench quick though. He has players on there that can offer more going forward to help us win this one. Early changes are essential, hopefully lope doesn’t leave it to late.

Controlling the possesion for about 70-30. Don´t think Leganes is that organized actually, I feel its mostly on our part. Didn´t see them against Barça but they look pretty lackluster, so I can´t say I don´t understand their last place. Would be a shame if we can´t make something happen here. The backheel chance , from de Jong i can´t blame. Just shows he´s not the player that pulls that off cleanly, which we know already. Then again the one on one shot, needs to be better. Reguilon also very messy again, was more impressed with him at the start of the season but yeh a player can have some dips and downs. Let´s see. Im still confident, 2nd half, vamooos mi sevillaa


We got very lucky just there!

Jezus… miracle we´re not 0-1 down to start the second half of with…

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Phew! Hopefully it’s the wake up call we need.

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We are so sloppy, mistake after mistake!

Sick half bicycle kick from En Nesyri, should have been 0-2 to be honest.

So Gudelj is gonna come on, curious for who. Nolito or Torres maybe. Okay Torres it is. Classic Lope

Meanwhile Leganes cutting through the defense again lol, such weak finishing. 3rd great chance for them.

Nolito off Bryan gill on

Goallll!! Carlos!!! We are lucky but don’t care! Lol

Central defensive duo, most effective of the game haha. Koundé with a bycicle kick this time, questionable execution however their GK can´t handle it. Diego Carlos with the quick reaction putting it in! So increidibly lucky, hope everyone realizes.


Wanted to see more of Ronny Lopes… Just notice he´s not in the squad.

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The goal give us a big boost we controlled game better since!

Play Koundé up front! What skills he’s got and great attacking threat haha!


How was that not a Penalty tho… did i miss something

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