M15: Sevilla v Leganés [2019-20]

Phew! Hopefully it’s the wake up call we need.

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We are so sloppy, mistake after mistake!

Sick half bicycle kick from En Nesyri, should have been 0-2 to be honest.

So Gudelj is gonna come on, curious for who. Nolito or Torres maybe. Okay Torres it is. Classic Lope

Meanwhile Leganes cutting through the defense again lol, such weak finishing. 3rd great chance for them.

Nolito off Bryan gill on

Goallll!! Carlos!!! We are lucky but don’t care! Lol

Central defensive duo, most effective of the game haha. Koundé with a bycicle kick this time, questionable execution however their GK can´t handle it. Diego Carlos with the quick reaction putting it in! So increidibly lucky, hope everyone realizes.


Wanted to see more of Ronny Lopes… Just notice he´s not in the squad.

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The goal give us a big boost we controlled game better since!

Play Koundé up front! What skills he’s got and great attacking threat haha!


How was that not a Penalty tho… did i miss something

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Yeh Koundé showing some great attacking prowess. Didn´t expect that when we signed him but it´s shining through more and more lately.

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Absolutely shocking tackle on Mudo only yields a yellow. And he gives one right back. Not a good showing by the ref


Messy ending, messy game. Another 3 pointer, but we can´t keep getting away with this kinda stuff all the time. It´s gonna go wrong very very soon. However, cementing our 3rd spot a bit better, after Real and Barçca catch up on their games. Table wise, happy times :smiley:

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A pretty boring match especially at home.
Not that i didn’t expect from Lopy though.
But at least it’s a win!

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We really need at least one pacy winger. Mudo and Nolito are the two slowest attackers in the squad.


If we play like this, we don’t stand a chance at Osasuna next week. Bryan should have been replacing Nolito in the squad long ago. And how does Munir still not get minutes?

Well, Lope got the win. Hopefully this all makes sense a few months from now.


I swear to god sevilla fc will give me a heart attack one day! Haha. Never have I aged more watching a match. That was ugly to watch but we won it and that’s what matters overall. However, Lopetegui went over the top on being ultra defensive today. In the end we had banega and mudo up front. Jeez like what the hell?

I don’t think javier Hernandez or Munir will have been very happy. However, I always thought this match was a banana skin, as they did well against us last season and they have an experienced new manager just taken over. Therefore, it’s a big win and we up to 2nd and on 30 points which is sensational effort.

I agree with you guys though, we have to improve next week at osasuna or our luck will run out. Hopefully we have fernando back soon and we did miss Ocampos a bit. I thought Bryan did well again when he came on. That was a good move. We can breathe in and move on, exciting to be near the top and with the big boys but we can’t keep relying on 1-0 wins. We need to show more going forward and Lopetegui needs to use his attacking options more. However, I can’t be too critical as so far the season is going amazingly well. Vamos!


Phew… lots of things going through my mind.

It was an important win, however Leganes probably deserved more in the second half due to our sudden lethargy at times.

De Jong and Nolito are very clumsy, however, I’d give De Jong a pass for trying a lot, but Nolito should never be a starter in my opinion… simply too wasteful to be a starter in this team with decent players.

I can’t remember the last time a manager of ours did something what Lope did, winning 1-0 against the last team in the league table and strengthening the defense by subbing the only striker (De Jong) for a CB (Sergi Gomez). It’s a bit Mourinho-style which I don’t like, but if it works (since we’ve been used to concede in the ending stage of the game), then heck… why not?

The players ran a lot and fought, but what I’m sometimes glad about these kind of wins is that a team with a winning mentality doesn’t always have to be ultimately-superior or be at their best in order to win. We should sometimes play badly and win, or have yin-yang halves and win… 3 points is what counts at the end of the day. I’m not someone who is results-focused only, as many of us Sevillistas didn’t fall in love with the team by grinding out results, but by playing in an exotic and spectacular way… however, the time has come where we need to turn into an Atletico kind of team, if we want to stay at the top and become a serious club once and for all. We’re obviously still quite far from that, but one step at a time, hopefully without stepping backwards.