Liverpool vs Sevilla Match Thread


Fucking hell… the emotions that CL brings are immense. Still shaking!

We somehow survived the first half and then were more stable in the second. Muriel made a way bigger impact than WBY and needs to start often, as he also needs goals for confidence, WBY can’t have all the tap-ins.

This is probably the best Liverpool in years, and the most in-form one. If we held them to a draw in Anfield, almost winning at the end (luck of course, but still brave), we can really damage any other team.

This is a way better Sevilla than Sampaoli’s, even though there are still a lot of things that need to be worked on.

Will need to see the full match again with a clear head to analyze it further, but hell, 2-2 at Anfield, I’d sign for this any given day, let alone vs. this Liverpool.

1 golden point achieved! Bring on Girona!



FFS Muriel screws up another golden late breakaway


Firmino’s post in the first half compensating the feeling


Amazing point! We could have won it, at the death! This will give us great confidence! Not many will come to anfield and get a point, avoiding a defeat in the process.

To be honest, we had a bad spell in the last 20 mins of the first half when we got caught in the Liverpool storm! However, bar that it was a very good professional away performance. We showed our resilience and came back well in the 2nd!

Could be a vital point and help us win the group in the end! Now on to girona!


Berizzo was petulant, but the team kept their cool and carried on. They knew Liverpool would tire and kept attacking. Would’ve loved to sneak a win at the end, cause the Reds lost their intensity, but a point is just fine.

I’m almost satisfied that Toto started both Mercado & Pareja, so now he can hopefully see the errors of his ways. Escudero played well against Salah, and N’Zonzi was immense as usual, especially in the latter stages.


I agree with you ShendM. It’s a great result, considering we still early in the season and lots of new players in the system.

I think berrizo will be a better manager than sampaoli. As I think our game management will be better. I don’t think we would have drawn this last season under sampaoli. Would have been a loss I think.

Must lol at berrizo getting sent off though. He was channeling his inner sampaoli their! Another crazy manager but I liking his style, passion and game management so far in the new season!


Berizzo just explained in the press conference he threw the ball away when losing in order to make up for his same action in the first half, when wining. Only the ref didn’t get the point.


Luck not to concede 3 goals in first half.
Berizzo still need a lots of work. It seems we don’t know how to make some plays when controlling the ball.
Muriel is rough technically, he definitely has the potential, hope he won’t be the next kone…


Muriel has had crystal clear chances vs Espanyol, Getafe, Liverpool… But I hope sooner than later he´ll net those in


It’s a good sign that he keeps getting the chances. He’s doing something right. Just gotta bury them


Hi all, I’m Mark from the previous edition of MM. I thought tonight was a great result. The strikers are looking good. Navas looks even better. There is still room for improvement.


I managed to watch the 2nd half on a blurry internet stream whilst sitting outside a hotel on the nth coast of Spain. (we are on our way back from the UK to Sevilla for the winter)
A few other English guests realised what I was viewing and gathered round to watch, obviously they were all rooting for Liverpool.
The look on their faces when I as a fellow Englishman jumped up in celebration at our 2nd goal was priceless until I explained where I live and that I have a Sevilla fc season ticket.


I didn’t have a game plan but with the benefit of hindsight Sevilla had too much respect for Liverpool who are really crap with a couple of dynamic players.

Why is English football so crap, they have many of the best players and managers but it’s always the same crap, occasionally there’s a real ding-dong game, end to end stuff and more entertaining than Spanish technical football but those games are few and far between and English football is always speed over technique.

The lineup was a bit of an error, Pareja and Kjaer can’t possibly have had time to build an understanding, also not enough creativity. I think Pizzaro was struggling with an injury from the very start. Banega should have been fresh but contributed nothing, Mercado was fatal and the weakest link defensively and no supply line to Navas.

I have said from the beginning that Corchia will be the best signing this year in terms of value for money just like Sarabia last season. Corchia immediately struck an understanding with Navas and Sevilla need the right wing to function like the left does.

Good to see the players continue as normal without the Manager.


Hey guys checking in after a long week of dealing with Hurricane Irma and having to leave home. What a great game and effort by Sevilla. Super happy with the result and it made driving 12 hours back after to Miami in traffic a piece of cake!


Good to hear you’re safe and sound man, welcome back!