Let's do the impossible


We’ve beaten ourselves once again, as always, the curse continues.


In June* :stuck_out_tongue: , January sounds too long for now and we might as well battle for relegation until the next January if we don’t find finishers.


Guido is crap… Vazquez is our best option unless Montella change formation.
Every time when the opposing side play with right tactic, we are done. Nothing we can do unless there is another Simeone.


haha oops - I was looking for a Deloreon I guess.


Montello didn’t do his job tonight for sure. Should have subbed Mudo after he made that defensive run to stop Ribbery. He was done after that.


With Banega out why didn’t Mesa make the final 18? I think he would have been more positive moving the ball forward than Pizzaro was this game.


It seems that Montella doesn’t like Mesa at all…


Anyone else watching Liverpool and feel like our game could’ve been like this yesterday with a couple of decent finishers?


In the first half, absolutely!