Let's do the impossible


I was discussing this with my father as we’re watching this one together and I was sad already seeing Vidal limp. I knew that once James gets in their attack will become better and once he got in, they got more confident with the ball. Playing 2 DM’s didn’t work for them and I have a feeling that had Vidal continued to play we would be up 2-0. Vidal also played vs. RB Leipzig when Bayern lost away 2-1, and then he didn’t play in the goals-galore match vs. Dortmund where they won 6-0… the difference is very clear.


what a team we can be… if we can go to Germany level we have a chance


Agreed. I saw James score against us for Real Madrid and have feared him as an opponent since. Great player


Rafinha on for Bernat - Another offensive sub. They are coming to take it all here in the RSP.


well offensive minded sub


Bernat had a yellow card in the first half, and also was a bit shit


Mudo almost in with a clear shot, Javi Martinez with the telescopic leg…



Damn their Defense lives on the edge. several times they needed a last minute poke away.


I think we need Nolito for Correa soon.


I wouldn’t mind seeing Muriel in to space things out a bit and make some runs, but don’t think Bayern will give him the 4-5 missed shots he needs to warm up before scoring.


Holy shit Soria!


That was coming - just haven’t seemed like the same team in the second half. Captain loses his man and is punished. :frowning:


Yeah - maybe Muriell for Vasquez and Nolito for Correa.


Poor Soria man - two own goals


Pizzaro rarely passes in a forward manner; it’s annoying


The announcer saying Vazquez doesn’t look fit and has done nothing. Welcome to Mudo land buddy. Also Sandro really? Really???


Sandro for Correa - eh


N’Zonzi so close to a brilliant goal.

Muriel for WBY


good lord - Vasquez decides to dribble a few times instead of going with the volley. We have to find finishers in January.


What exactly was Mudo trying to do there? Can we just get rid of him please?