Leganes Home – Copa del Rey – Semi Final 2nd Leg


Let’s get some more! :slight_smile:


I think we need more… remember Getafe!


who is this Muriel?


Carlos Bacca 2.0


as it stands we are 45 minutes away from another final!!


I really like the new Muriel under Montella, he’s a beast now!


Hope we don’t screw this up, the team is playing very well though. The only worrying thing is that the team is playing like this ONLY when they’re serious about it and they really mean it… we should automate some of this stuff so that 100% effort is not necessary all the time! Hopefully we’ll have that by the end of this season.


Hey guys just got home and saw the 1-0 line. Vamos! I miss the taste of a Final.


Wow! The BeIN Sports commentators are seriously awful…


Layun on for Sarabia


Don’t like this switch Layun for Sarabia.


we need a 2nd… this is nerve racking


Holy shit Rico punched something out of the box! :sunny:


Banega looks like he is coming off




Wow! Maybe we should play Mudo more than 60 minutes! haha Great play by the new guys there too, but what a finish by Vazquez.


Woohooo Vamos!


to another final… incredible to think we have done it again

This season could be salvaged yet, and now we can concentrate on turning around the league form as the final is a couple of months away


On to another final! Leganes never stood a chance and thankfully the defense was very solid tonight. They didn’t allow any serious threat to complicate things for Rico, so that’s good.

Ideally we’d face Valencia, but logically it will be Barca on the 21st of April.

I hope Banega’s injury is not serious so that we’ll have him vs. Man Utd in 2 weeks.



So glad to see these guys compete and make it to a cup final. I don’t think any of us could see this coming 2 months ago. As taxing as the last month must have been, it was a necessary warm-up for Man Utd. Now that our focus can shift towards the league for a few games, let’s carry this form to those enticing CL matches.

Oh and as for Mudo, keep that up! ¡Más goles por favor! ¡Vamos muchachos!