Leganes away – Copa del Rey – Semi Final 1st Leg


I think we have to win this weekend and then if we can’t beat Lega in RSP then we don’t deserve to go through, it’s that simple.

When I criticized the play earlier, I was going to say that Rico still hasn’t played his cards, how prescient.

We have new players and things will change but they need to, this is a team withour organization, they play for each other, but they don’t think for each other. It needs order.

35 minutes to the deadline and we need a goalkeeper.


I’m assuming that with WBY not coming on, he must be on his way out no? I mean I understand not using the other subs (although I would have subbed geis for mudo).


Rico should be benched and never start again this season. A shame of a goalkeeper.

Give Soria a chance and get Pau Lopez on loan with a purchase option before it is too late. Can’t risk waiting until the summer, Rico is not a goalkeeper for Sevilla.


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Rico has some serious confidence issues, I don’t know what problems he has in his personal life but something has turned him from being on the periphery of the national team into a joke goal keeper.
Montella has to rest him at least for the next few games and start Soria surely.

Asumo el error de esta noche. Pido perdón al Sevilla FC y al sevillismo y sólo puedo decir que me voy a dejar la vida porque estemos en la final de la #CopaDelRey. pic.twitter.com/d4FeWz3WCS

— Sergio Rico González (@sergiorico25) January 31, 2018


Rico had a problem coming off his line during Berizzo era, now that seems to have been fixed he is making mistake after mistake, and I was surprised that we didn’t go in for Pau Lopez also, Soria still not so sure of personally, he lacks something too


I have a motorised satellite dish and have been watching everything for free for over 20 yrs by one means or another: :shushing_face:


When I was watching the highlight, besides wowed by Muriel, i am wondering would it be Rico for Leganes tie goal :thinking:
And Rico doesn’t “disappoint”…


Rico comes for the ball with his eyes closed!



Rico should obviously have done better, but they showed a zoomed in slo-mo replay and it looked like it was a foul with the Leganes player putting his arm up and into Rico’s arm. If so then we got hosed in the last few minutes twice on similar plays after Espanyol and last night.


I thought there was a foul on the header that got the ball to the Greek. The guy had climbed up the back of our defender to head the ball.