January possible ins and outs


So Mesa and Brozovic? Midfield gets crowded in a hurry no?


I like Croats and Serbs, as players, and Brozovic appears to have booked the flight to Sevilla according to the press.

But this is the strangest transfer market, the press are inventing so many false leads and then can’t print the important stuff. Most reports of Layùn say ‘Sevillas new signing’ and don’t mention he’s loaned with option to buy (at how much?) and how much have we paid for Roque Mesa, I’ll have to search Transfermkt.com to tell you.


Roque Mesa, Miguel Layun already with the team for the Copa del Rey game
And I am reading now Sandro Ramirez and Brozovic also arriving


I hear we paid £1m gbp for loan of Roque Mesa to Swansea, not sure about Layun


Just got this in:
Principle of agreement between Sevilla and Everton for the transfer of Sandro Ramírez until the end of the season and with option of purchase.


Really? With a purchasing option? Couldn’t be any better?

Any link with the purchase option included in the deal? Curious to see that.

Also if Brozovic comes in for Pizarro, it would’ve been nice. Either way, keeping Pizarro wouldn’t be bad.


The info regarding option to buy I spotted on my twitter feed:


Thanks man


Brozovic won’t be allowed to leave unless they find replacement tomorrow apparently


Gianluca Di Marzio‏ the sky reporter in Italy says Brozovic cannot leave until replacement is found:


More info on Sandro Ramirez deal:


Big question is, does that open the door for Ben Yedder to head to Monaco tomorrow?
There are rumours they willing to pay his €30m clause


Seems Inter are trying to get Javier Pastore from PSG which will then allow Brozovic to move to Sevilla for €1m loan deal until end of season


Would be sad to let WBY go, but with Muriel’s recent increased form and Sandro’s loan with the purchasing option, not sure if WBY would have the needed minutes here. In that case, we’d still be left with 2 strikers and not sure if that was the initial plan (rather 3).


Yes, he was important during the Berizzo era and scored some very important goals. But with this system being used by Montella, Muriel gets the shout due to his work rate and running in final 3rd to press & close the spaces, he has run his heart out last few games and the change of opinion from inside the stadium is noticeable in recent weeks


According to this ODN article, if translated correctly, Arias&co tried very hard to get that purchasing option but couldn’t succeed in the end. Hope I got it wrong.


Yes, they did not want to include a purchase option into the loan deal, but I also read that his agent will be speaking to Everton during the course of the season to try and get a deal done if the player is happy at Sevilla


Another update here, apparently Everton didn’t want to include the purchase option, but will be willing to sell for around €9m


Very nice then. It remains to be seen if Everton will be cooperative at the end.


If they pay that much for Ben Yedder, I wouldn’t complain.

Anyone else concerned about the number of loanees we have? We’ve struggled with continuity all year. Adding at least 3 more guys who are only here for 4 months could just add more chaos.