January possible ins and outs


Looks like the Batshuayi deal will not be happening soon. Conte has picked him to play in the FA cup against Norwich tomorrow.


So many news reports are saying it’s done as soon as Conte lines up a replacement sub.


Yep, they’re just waiting for a temporary replacement (perhaps Andy Carroll, but not sure).


We definitely need a first team player at RB, but other than that I believe the problem are not the players. Sampaoli had the same squad. Montella just needs to get things right. Losing by Alaves like that is no excuse. An at last, enough with rotation. Except Pizarro, Escudero (Kjaer, Lenglet playing cuse they re the only option)do we even know which is our best 11 combination on the pitch?


Who is our best signing in the post Monchi era? except Pizarro I am not impressed with someone


Hopefully this new LB.


Dortmund now interested in Batshauyi to replace Aubameyang according to some reports. I hope this isn’t true


this is an odd story, and after tonight I would hope it is just a weird rumour



Always the craziest rumors come from Italy. English press tries to beat them, but they’re not able to.


Now we’re being linked to Daniel Sturridge


The Batshuayi deal receives another setback. Maybe we should start looking elsewhere.
“Andy Carroll’s £20m move to Chelsea is off, with an ankle injury forcing the striker out of action for an extended period”.

Carroll has been linked with a move to the Premier League champions but any January switch is doomed after a scan revealed a hairline fracture of the ankle. He could now be absent for six weeks with surgery still a possibility. If Carroll opts for an operation, he could be out for virtually the rest of the season.


I was watching Coke play 90 minutes for Levante yesterday, incredible player, he made the job look so easy, totally relaxed with the ball with good passing. Interesting how an ordinary player developed into a class act after 3 years with Unai Emery. The commentator noted how he was more captain than the elected captain. Also Playing were Campaña, Luna and Ivi (formerly SAT).

Another ex-Sevilla playing well is Cala at Getafe, he’s out of contract in June and at 28 years old would make a good reserve defender.

Apparently, Sturridge is out of the question for medical reasons but Batshuayi is back on after Chelsea were reportedly after Dzeko from Roma.


Roque Mesa loan for the rest of the season being rumored again.


All the usual names are popping up again in this weeks rumours, but yesterday a new name, the Brazilian Bruno who’s with Roma instead of Aleix Vidal who is a bit expensive.


Vidal looks like this going to rejoin Monchi in Roma so Bruno would be a good pick up.


Believe it or not I bumped into Oscar Arias this morning whilst walking my dog past the stadium, he was just getting out of his car as we crossed the carpark. We exchanged “good mornings” I then asked him if he was going shopping today. He just laughed and said “wait and see”


That’s awesome Brian!


Contracts have crossed for Roque Mesa, just need to be signed. Batshu also closer, but not sure about the wing back position with just 5 days to go.

3 in means 3 out, that will mean MKD (I would think), Ganso and who else ??? Carole, Ben Yedder ?

Hope Mesa’s contract has a ‘no moustache’ clause.




“Oscar’s Men” doesn’t quite have the same ring about it, but maybe one day he will deserve to be mentioned alongside his predecessor :slight_smile: