January possible ins and outs


Let’s see what he does first. He spent a lot of time on the wing for Malaga, and we already have Correa and Nolito there (although Montella might play Nolito as a CAM).

I might be alone on this one, but I don’t think he’s going to be a long term answer. He’s not an out-and-out striker. I doubt we sign him after the loan.


Yeah definitely he’s considered more of a winger, but who knows. I’m still puzzled as to why we didn’t sign Jojo in the summer of 2017, given that we had the buying option.


Whenever there’s buying options included (not obligatory), the loanees will try hard to prove themselves, which is always good. However, you’re right in the added chaos. Hopefully this will not negatively impact the recent good form and good atmosphere in overall.


I think it’s just a short term stability thing, some of the signings in the summer did not strengthen the team and are now deemed as problematic areas in trying to achieve CL league or European spot. The idea is to get back on track to secure a European place and rebuild again in the summer, much like lower placed teams do when hovering around the relegation zone…


All a bit quiet today on the transfer front, after yesterday’s madness!

Did anyone see the video Betis posted for Bartra’s arrival? Bizarre doesn’t cover it. Must be smoking some serious stuff down Heliopolis way


LOL… are you referring to this one? https://web.facebook.com/realbetisbalompie/videos/1721979541190611/

The moment I saw it, one thing came to mind… Guy Ritchie and Snatch.

Weak copycats.


Market closed. Both Pizarro and Carole are still here


Spain, Italy, Germany and France are open until the 2nd of February. England is closed on the 31st of January. Not that anything significant could happen in the next two days, but I hope at least Carole gets his loan terminated. He won’t even be called up anymore until June, logically.


Portugal’s window closes on February 2, Argentina’s closes on February 7, Russia’s on February 22, China’s February 28 and Brazil’s April 2, while the MLS window runs from February 7 to May 1.


and Ganso no?


According to Transfermrkt Sandro’s main position is centre forward and they note he can also play wing. He played centre forward for Barca B. He scored 1 goal in 15 appearances for Everton, not sure in what position.

He seemed a little nervous in the presentation today while Roque Mesa the opposite and looks like he’ll get on well with Nolito and will bring some life to the squad, good for the dressing room spirit.

Layún was serious but seems educated and well equipped to talk to the press, 29 years old (captain material) and already holds a spanish passport thanks to his Spanish granny.


A report on why Batshuayi didn’t come to Sevilla:
Michy Batshuayi called Sevilla’s chairman to apologise for not moving there after all was agreed. He was keen on the move but Chelsea wanted him at Dortmund which then made the move for Giroud possible, and that was the only reason he didn’t come.


The January transfer window for Spain closes tonight at 00:00 officially, and there is not any other move on sight for our club.

Soria is wanted by Depor and a bunch of other teams, but I doubt we’ll let him go, especially after Rico’s disastrous performance this season. The ideal scenario would’ve been to loan Soria out and loan Pau Lopez in with a purchase option, but that’s probably not going to happen. We need a new goalie in the summer though.

Today the 23 CL players were announced and Ganso is not one of them. In addition to that, Carole has been left out not only from the CL squad, but also from the entire squad of 25 players, as he was clearly a surplus. Not sure why Sevilla and Galatasaray do not agree to have the player back so that they can sell him or anything. It is a pity to have a player on loan and leave him out of the entire team. He will get the wages without doing anything and not playing will harm his future career. Demoting him to Sevilla Atletico for the remainder of the season would’ve been a way better option imo.

As for the CL squad, Layun clearly doesn’t make it, having featured for Porto in this season’s CL campaign, meanwhile Roque Mesa, Arana and Sandro get the spots.


Carole has left the building… back to Galatassary it would seem (for now)

Never really got much a chance to see him play, maybe 1 or 2 games max… seemed quite good on the ball and attack minded.


He wasn’t bad, but his pace was too bad for tracking back to defend. He started vs. RM and we got slaughtered in that flank.


Nobody else coming in right?


That’s It Folks…

Carole has been released now, and squad for weekend been announced:


Batshuayi scored two today for BD. We missed out on that one I think.