January 2020 Transfer Targets and Rumours

I will kick this off with Football Italia linking us with a move for Davide Calabria the Right Back from AC Milan.

I also saw recently us linked to Mario Mandzukic and some young Mexican starlet.

Anything that comes from a pathetic club like AC Milan should be avoided like the plague!


Monchi ruling out a January move for Rakitic I see.

I hope he doesn’t go anywhere in January so we could at least have a chance at him in the summer.

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PSG want to sign Sergio Rico permanently but feel the €10m fee agreed is excessive. Then why agree to it at the time? :roll_eyes: Dickheads!

Not a transfer, but rumors are we are already trying to reup Diego Carlos and raise his buyout to 150million. This would be great business!

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That needs to be done. We seem to have a habit of putting stupid clauses in our player contracts.

I saw earlier Arana was moaning about his lack of playing time at Atalanta and that he might move in January. My instant thought was “well stop being shit then!”. :laughing:


Make it happen!

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As much as i want this, i find it similar to when Alves said something like that. Although, Dani was more of a journeyman, Ivan has stayed in Spain this whole time…


Linked to a chap from Brest called Ibrahima Diallo. Sounds like a bit of a Makelele / Kante type defensive mid.


I’m sure we would love to have Rakitic back; however, it has to be at Rakitic pre-Barca salary. He needs to take a cut to satisfy his desires. Which comes first, love of the shirt or love of money? I am sure he chooses the money as I probably would too.

Not trying to have a go at you, cause this gets said everywhere. Kante & Makelele are different midfielders. It’s a fallacy told by pundits because they’re both French of African descent, so they’re typecast as sitting DMs. Kante is a box-to-box player. The article you linked describes Diallo as such as well.

Unrelated, but does anyone think we’re getting a new striker this winter? I honestly won’t be surprised if Dabbur is transferred.