January 2020 Transfer Targets and Rumours

Marcelino is on pretty bad terms with Monchi, that combo is ruled out for sure. Read an article lately about how transfer wise they were always on different wavelengths.

Marcelino asking certain profile players, and Monchi and him could never agree apparently.

Ahh crap, at least that was worth the thought. If the article is in English, could you share a link? :wink: Also is Juande still around, he and Monchi brought the club to prominence in the first place.

In other news, Carrico is almost certainly leaving the club for the Chinese Super League once his contract expires, no idea why he would risk his life with the new corona virus rampant. It also leaves the club very thin at the back with only Gomez, Kounde and Carlos. I’m 70% certain Carlos is going to leave after this season so that gives us a young cb and one who is more comfortable passing than defending, Monchi already has his work cut out for him.

I gues in this way, Monchi takes the blame for it. Not sure if that brings hope tho.

link: https://www.superdeporte.es/futbol/2020/02/09/mayores-fracasos-relacion-marcelino/441173.html

I mean it’s like Carrico has already left. He’s always hurt! Anyway, Monchi has been pretty good at finding good CBs. We also have Kajer coming back (hopefully not) and Gnagnon the later of which has gotten decent minutes this year.

I know a hefty bag awaits him in China, but Wuhan of all places? It’s poor timing as we’re losing our way defensively as well. But i can’t blame a man for getting his.

I like smaller squads bc it alienates less players. But we’ll have 3 CBs, including 1 who’s covering RB. Unless Gudelj features more as a defender, I guess we’ll promote from the B-team? Genaro was OK away to APOEL, but he didn’t look ready.

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We still have Carrico until end of season right? Assuming he ever recovers well enough to play.

How much say does the manager actually have in transfers. Does monchi buy who he wants and the manager has to work with it.

I didn’t even realise Carrico was THAT badly injured?

I thought Genaro was a DMC rather than a Centre Back?

I feel like it varies per club. There is the whole scouting network with Monchi at the end. And I think in accordance with the current Trainer, who says I need a player with traits as this, that and that. And then Monchi delivers but if the trainer has a player in mind, im pretty sure they will talk about it. Think it works from both ways.
Except for some clubs, where a manager can just demand, I want Eriksen. You bring him in. Period.

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I reckon so, Carrico was pretty smashed up in the past two seasons but was a starter for Lope and played decently, anchoring the backline. He is Sevilla’s most solid defender and most experienced member of the squad excluding Navas, having been here since 2013. Didn’t really want him to go as Kjaer is probably a dead horse and Gnangnon isn’t really lighting up Ligue 1.

As Enrico says I think it works both ways. I remember Emery really pushing for Llorente in his last season here despite everyone on the planet and their dog not seeing how the club and player would benefit from each other. Monchi didn’t have Llorente in his plans either but on Emery’s insistence he managed to talk a buyout with Juventus. Llorente then became a round peg in a square hole that season, with a mammoth 7 goals in 36 appearances to show for it.

Oh and speaking of Emery
Sevilla: Emery emerges as favourite to succeed Lopetegui

Which is a bit of a shame as Llorente has always been a striker I have rated. Or Bovingdon-Whore as my mate and I used to call him. :sweat_smile:

Same as with any other job, - you either know what you want (at least somewhat) and go through a recruitment process to see who fits best, or you just have someone in mind who you think will do the best job at that role.

I would be ok with Emery coming back - only with the hope that the 2015-16 away drought doesn’t happen again.


Carlos Fernandez with another last minute goal for Granada to win the match for them vs. Valladolid at home.

Can we simply change the loan deal by swapping him with De Jong or Munir?

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I said it didn’t I? Beginning of the season, keep Carlos Fernandez! :roll_eyes:

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The most annoying thing for me is SFC were all about the Cantera when I first started to follow them, but even anyone half decent we just seem to bin them off or send them out on loan.

I would much rather see the likes of Bryan Gil, Pozo, and Carlos Fernandez in our team proving their worth rather than wasting money for the sake of it.


We need a proper RB. I don’t know what it is with teams of mine but Crystal Palace haven’t replaced Aaron Wan-Bissaka since we sold him last Summer. Navas is a winger end of.

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Definitely. They at least have much more heart than a lot of ‘mercenaries’.

Same here, I know the quality of Cantera might have fallen a bit in the last few years but seeing Carlos Fernandez do well in La Liga makes me think why can’t he be given a chance here. Jose Campana is only 26/27 and the club should try and get him back, there’s also Luis Alberto who I’ve been championing for the last 2 transfer windows.

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