Happy La Liga 2019-2020!

A scoreless draw in the Madrid derby?! I’m so shocked. :unamused:

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A big game for us tonight! We need a win and good performance! I’m still confident we can have a good season but after 2 straight losses it’s up to the team and manager to show what they made of now!

Lose tonight and the knives will be out for Lope.
It’s a very hot day today in Sevilla 30+ so that should be in our favour against the northerners :smile:

No Dabbur in the squad yet again.

Vaclík , Bono, Navas , Pozo, Diego Carlos , Koundé , Sergi Gómez , Reguilón , Fernando , Gudelj Jordán , Banega , Óliver , Vázquez , Ocampos , Nolito ,Rony Lopes ,Munir ,Chicharito and De Jong.


This clown Lahoz really stopped the match to give Joaquín a yellow cause his feelings got hurt. :man_facepalming:t4:

Betis are absolutely fucked. Their transfer policy was absolutely diabolical in the Summer, and now they are really going to struggle, too many rubbish players in too many positions.

Joel Robles - Probably the worst GK in the league.

RB - Barragan or Francis not good enough.

LB - Pedraza not a patch on Junior

William Carvalho - Absolutely overrated donkey.

Juanmi - Poor striker.

Then the squad padded out with shit like Emerson, Javi Garcia, Lainez, Kaptoum. And then the main Striker they signed has spent most of the season injured. :unamused:

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Betis? Rubbish?! Naaah, right? :smile:


Betis are playing the same system as under Setien, and once again, despite the nice football and the amount of possession, have no bite.
It’s like the peacock who extends his plumage to impress the peahen and she says ‘nice, but lets see your willy’. Forgive the coarseness but it’s the perfect analogy.
Now the question is how many minutes after the press conference will they sack the manager?

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Bizarre happening in Germany, substitute warming up behind goal line stops ball going out, referee blows penalty.

It does seem strange but then I kind of have an explanation I think, given it happened in the penalty area portion of the pitch the infringement is a penalty.

I played a League Cup game about 3 or 4 weeks ago now where my team was awarded a penalty, which at the time everyone was confused about. Basically what happened was the oppos keeper and Centre Back had a barney over a previous goal and when they had a moment of miscommunication again they started pushing and shoving one another.

Turns out as this was violent conduct, albeit against a team mate, as they were having said altercation in the penalty area, the referee had no alternative but to award us a penalty.

I am guessing whilst different, this must fall into the same category. If the lad had touched the ball in the corner between the side line and penalty box it would have probably been awarded as a FK.

The other thing to add to what I put above is that if the substitute had been from VfL Bochum (Red), it would of course have been a Free Kick to Holstein Kiel (Blue).

“Law 3 - If there’s outside interference while the ball is in play from a team official/substitute (used or unused), a Direct Free Kick is awarded.”


Rumours circulating that Jorge Sampaoli has agreed a deal to leave Santos in Brazil for an unnamed La Liga club.

I reckon it’s Betis!

Dude would have huge balls to come back to Sevilla. He will not be able to eat comfortably in any bar in the city unless they have a Betis sign on the front.


After watching the last 2 Real Madrid games have come to the conclusion that Hazard is a bit average, I don’t know if anyone saw him miss an open goal, could have walked it in but decided to shoot hard and it rebounded off the crossbar, he always looked so good in the EPL. Benzema has been on fire but has picked up his first injury. Bale is not really interested any more in my opinion. I can’t see them winning la liga now.

Atletico have a lot of new players it seems to me, but Jaoa Felix has been disappointing after his first game. The team is not quite firing on all cylinders but the squad is deep and powerful and they’ll likely challenge Barcelona until the end.

Granada now have 7 players injured and can be expected to fall away now, if they don’t we have a real problem there. When they beat a weakened Barca without Messi and several other key players, all the experts were criticizing Barca but nobody mentioned how good Granada are.

With Barca it seems like Griezman is not quite fitting in but they have talent to spare and will probably win la liga. They started 16 year old Ansu Fati last night (ex Sevilla) and he was quite poor but full credit to Barcelona for throwing him in the deep end and giving him so many games, he has scored already I believe.

Sevilla need a run of good results to consolidate their position and try to get a cushion to keep Sociedad and Villarreal out of the top 4.

Betis have told manager Rubi he’ll be fired if Betis lose to Celta tonight, that would be the third la liga manager to be fired in 10 days.

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From my post in the “la liga predictions” thread

Worst signing Hazard.

Nothing I have seen up to now has changed my mind.

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I’ve always thought Hazard was overhyped (blame it on the Prem). He’s still an incredible player, and will be dangerous once he clicks with Benzema.

The jury’s still out, but he isn’t that big of a goalscorer. I think last season was one of the only times he scored more than double digits in the league. That’s not good enough for a Madrid attacker, especially after a €100M fee.

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With 1st place at stake, no one wants to take advantage??

I guess it’s up to either Granada or La Real now.

Real Madrid are getting annoyingly good again. Good win for them at Alaves! Best they been for few years.

Atleti drop more points. Sevilla could end up 7 up on them if they win Sunday.