FC Krasnodar vs Sevilla FC - Europa Group Stage 10-04-2018


I give Gnagnon and Mesa a pass. I still think Arana is decent enough for Escudero cover. Muriel bye bye. Nolito if we can get something for him (doubt it).


Yh I agree guys. Tonight really showed who the weak links are. We knew before but confirmed it again.

It’s disappointing but we can’t win them all. I understood why Machín rotated, as we have played lots of matches with same players, key players needed a rest. If we beat celta on Sunday it will be seen as more justified and we can move on from this loss.

I still think we’ll qualify but we made life more tougher. I think in January we need to sign 2 more players or so, to replace some of the guys who are clearly struggling and not good enough to play for us.

However, with the A team back on Sunday I more confident. Vamos!


Not the result anyone wanted but Machin’s A Team needs to bring it this weekend against Celta or things could go off track quick.

Don’t let go of the rope!


I think it was used for the World Cup, so lot’s of money pumped in there


It was built for the world cup but rejected by FIFA as it only seats 35.000


seems like every time Mesa is in our team we lose


ah I see, thanks for the info


I’m attending the 3rd game of this group stage vrs Akhisar (who lost to Standard tonight) with my boy, his first ever Sevilla game, hopefully the first of many!

The defeat tonight will mean a win is a must in that game


I thought we had put performances like that well behind us, seems I was wrong. We were very lucky not to suffer another heavy loss in Russia.

Muriel, Gnagnon, and Nolito should never be near the team again. Gnagnon stands around as though his boots are glued to the ground, Nolito runs round like a headless chicken and Please, please, please let that be Muriels last chance.


couldn’t agree more Brian

If we learn from this experience, make the necessary changes in personnel in January, and still qualify from the group then no lasting harm done


I’m sure we will still qualify, don’t forget we still have half a team out injured


I’m just hoping the hotshots on our team stay off the upcoming international team rosters, we have enough injuries as it is. Rotations expected but if we do not get 3 points against a shaky celta then this game would look even worse in hindsight.

And I hope we left Muriel in the hotel or the airport, I don’t think we can get anything from selling him so might as well leave him in Russia.


This La Liga season gets better and better! Real Madrid lose to alaves! I don’t wanna tempt fate but top spot is shining at us and there for the taking. This is our best chance to take it! Of course we also need Valencia to hold Barca but I think they might!

If we beat celta it could be our moment in the sun! Vamos Sevilla! :slight_smile:


Real Madrid now gone 4 games without a win, or scoring a goal, I’m loving it.
I celebrated that last kick goal of Alaves nearly as much as the one Mbia scored for us v Valencia.


I am the same mate! I go crazy when we win! I also go crazy with joy when Real Madrid or Barca lose too! :slight_smile: