El Gran Derbi: Week 3


I do think most players from last season are either weak or mediocre at best including Banega. That’s why most of us don’t mind sold the whole damn team (excluding a few) in summer.

Mercado is now a weak point as shown versus Villarreal and Betis if you’ve really watch both matches and none of our midfield is champions league material.

Andre Silva is our only hope for consistent scoring threat although he’s really not that good and I’m sure we won’t sign him for 35M.

So my hope for 4th is all on the new signing + Navas and maybe some magic from Machin.


I’m keeping my hope on Promes… if he’s injured or something, we’re screwed! It will take Escudero a lot of time to come back to full form and he’ll now dread the 100% intensive play, the same goes for Mercado.


I’m glad Mercado can take some rest.
3 BIG mistake versus Villarreal, Joaquin’s goal is largely on him.
He can only commit foul now.
But then Gnagnon maybe even worse…?


Gnagnon seems a bit heavy to be honest. Perhaps he’ll get in optimal shape soon…


Confirmed that Mercado broke his arm. Shit.


Terrible match to watch, I thought all the pre- game hype got to some of our players, I said to my wife after ten minutes that Mesa would be sent off. we seemed far more interested in trying to stop them by foul means or fair rather than playing our normal passing game. You just knew that Joaquín would score once he came on. Hopefully this performance was a one off and we can get back to winning ways against Getafe.


Quick analysis. Banega, Mesa, Arana, Referee SHIT.
Sevilla a bit tired after Thursday.
Betis had a week to prepare and don’t look anywhere near the class of Sevilla.
Manager needs to get a handle on things. Find a solution for the left flank.


VAR is used for Goals, penalty decisions, red card incidents and mistaken identity.

Why wasn’t VAR used last night on behalf of Mesa?

Pablo Machin claims the Betis goalkeeper’s action was a red card, why wasn’t he or the players claiming a VAR interpretation?


Saw the highlights, Pau Lopez does a WWE move and Mesa gets sent off, I struggle to see any sense in this chain of events, but Mesa always presents himself as a nuisance and with a yellow should have been hooked earlier. Hopefully la liga does a review of this but as we’re not barca real or atletico I’m not holding any hopes.

And why was Ben Yedder not given a chance when we were chasing the game? Machin hates him but his preferred options haven’t been lighting it up for the last 3 games, Yedder has proved his mettle and deserves a chance, very disappointing from Machin.

Mercado is a warrior but he has had a few high profile errors towards the end of last season and in these 2 games, he should be used sparingly but with this fracture just ugh. In other news I think escudero’s injury isn’t that serious he may make a comeback before the end of the year. Arana needs more confidence and a clearer role instead of just buzzing around on the left.

The only positive from this game is that even with Betis’s hyped squad and transfers including carvalho (how could we have missed out on him?), canales, inui and the existing players such as bartra and tello they didn’t run us off the pitch. We can put up a good fight when needed though the gulf in quality of signings is concerning.


The second yellow for Mesa has now been cancelled after a review. so he will be able to play v Getafe if required.



La Liga refs still ain’t shit.


So it was literally a game-changing missed call that they didn’t even use VAR for.


What a shame…


Gonalons broke his leg. We’re cursed.


so it’s just Banega, Amadou and Mesa against the world until January, with lasso as backup :shudders: