Eibar vs Sevilla FC - 09-29-2018


Always tough against Eibar. Still baffled that we’re doing this without a proper DM. The 2 strikers have worked tremendously well to cover for that defensive void in midfield. I’m also really liking Mudo’s game right now, who’s also making some really good tackles.

Nice by Machín to keep the same lineup. Fringe players will eventually find their way (i hope), but there’s always the EL. And as if injuries to our players weren’t enough, now the fans gotta suffer? Worrying scenes. Hope those 2 fans stretchered off get well soon.

Onto Russia then. Maybe Promes can open his account in familiar territory? Keep this going!



3 hard working no.10 is better than mediocre cm/dm?

I hope machin don’t change back to 343, navas on the right is more than enough.

And Arana is usable now?


Carrico has really steadied the defense. But I wouldn’t say this is his best. The 4th Europa League winning season, he was easily our best defender and arguably our most consistent player the entire season.


Arana is a paradox inside an enigma, the question I ask is ‘Is this player a Brazilian?’ , he doesn’t show any Brazilian flair, or maybe he will when he stabilizes in Sevilla, what do I know, precisely nothing. Obviously Sevilla saw some potential in the player.


Arana has been good lately, steady, consistent and threatening at times. I don’t mind lack of flair if he’s the adjectives from the prior sentences.


Update on the injured fans.
14 were injured and 10 of them taken to hospital. Thankfully the two most serious injuries are one with a fractured wrist and another with a fracture to the tibia. This could have turned out far worse.



Sarabia has suffered a calf muscle strain according to the official site.


Back to 3-4-3 then. Or do we move one of Nolito or Promes into his spot? That’s asking a lot of them defensively. It’ll probably be Mesa.


Any change to the 2 strikers up front formation will be a huge step back. If Vidal doesn’t make it, I’d put Promes there. Quincy has to run a lot and track back if he wants to start anytime soon.


I prefer Promes to Nolito, Promes hasn’t had much luck coming on late, doesn’t get much help from Arana. Occasionally Mudo tries to aid the left side but it just refuses to ignite like the right side. Not the fault of Promes, it all boils down to Arana. Sergio Escudero should be back there soon.


Those ‘adjectives’ are a play on Churchill when he tried to say he doesn’t have an idea what Russia are up to.

What I’m trying to say is that Arana doesn’t seem to have similar DNA to Daniel Alves, Cicinho or Mariano but he was slated as the next Roberto Carlos, god knows what he did in Brazil because I haven’t seen it here. But I’m prepared to wait and see.


Real Madrid and Barcelona are misfiring big time, Valencia have just won their first game, Villareal are struggling, Atletico Madrid have crept into the top 3 without impressing. Betis have only scored 4 goals in 6 games.



@Tim it’s our chance to keep this momentum up and who knows? We may get to enjoy a brief period at the top of the table! Barca and Real have tough away games next! They both going through rough patches and clearly all not right in both camps. We have a tricky game at home to celta Vigo but with our confidence high I would back us to win and keep our winning streak and form going.

I think the 2 week break will actually help us too, even though we in form as we can get some injured players back. We have a big game looming away at Barca after international break. It’s usually a guaranteed loss but this time nothing is certain for Barca. They are struggling for form and consistency and we have been great on the road under Machín. Only loss was to betis but the referee cost us when we wrongly went down to 10 men! Things are promising.

I think we may need to strengthen a little in January, maybe we can try for another top striker to help out the double out of silva and WBY. Maybe another central midfielder or wing back too. However, we looking strong and being in Europa cup actually suits us more. I think we deal better with that and La Liga, then champions league and La Liga. As in Europa league we currently have a soft group which allows us to rest a few key players and still get a result and keep them for La Liga.

Vamos Sevilla!


Last I read was he’s the “new Marcelo”. That was of course before we signed him.


Make that 5 in 7 for Betis after a very lucky 1-0 v Leganes with a goal in the 89th min.
They remind me a little of the way we were playing under Berizzo last season, they have some decent players, but they are not nearly good enough to play the “tippy tappy” style their coach is clearly wanting. All that happens is they spend 10 minutes passing the ball sideways and backwards before either losing it or shooting off target.


Leganes outplayed Betis for a good part of the game, deserved a draw or victory. Bartra is the best player Betis have, apart from Joaquin the talisman, Carvalho looked great pre-season but is exposed in la liga, very slow to recover from errors and doesn’t actually work to track back, he’s a liability.