Copa Del Rey Final Game Chat


Man I miss Coke and Iborra. So I read an article saying that Caparros is likely to fill in as interim coach. I’d take anyone at this point as it can’t get any worse, but is he the man to lead us for the future if that’s considered?


Manolo Jiménez has thrown his hat into the ring so the favourites are …

Marchena (Sevilla C)

For the next 5 games.

I don’t think it’s worth rushing into a major decision for 5 games. Most top managers have their own support teams with second in command, strategists, physios, analysts, statisticians and psychologists, I don’t think either Caparroz or Jiménez have or have ever had such support teams.

Watched Levante last night, what a performance, they have some great players, we’ll have to be real careful with Morales and Enis Bardhi. Also hear that Berizzo is negotiating with Athletic Bilbao for next season.


Interesting Tim, who would you go for?

Caparros would get some intensity back. Would Emery return?

I think their needs to be a change of a few players too. its not a quick fix etc.


I would much prefer Emery next season but the next five games with Caparroz, though I think Caparroz would need a police guard in the Derby, after he waved the Manita at Betis fans.


The board has decided to continue with Montella (at least until the end of the season, hopefully that’s it) and confirmed that Oscar Arias will not continue as the sports director of the club.

So as things stand, we’ll most likely have a new sports director and a new coach (fingers crossed) for the 2018-19 season!


No way montella is here after the season. I’m not upset with him continuing though. Leaves room for Emery.


Emery leaving PSG :clap::clap::clap:


Should I email him and beg? Haha


Please beg, then join me in prayer


Another loss. What a shock. Can we sack Montella and just have Maresca take over or bring back Emery tomorrow now that he’s for sure leaving? I’m getting sick of seeing Montella’s stupid confused face on the sidelines.


Montella has to go tomorrow. We can’t dominate in any part of play.


Every day with Montella as a manager is a lost day for Sevilla. Can’t remember who said here it but I’m really starting to believe that had he been here from the start (June 2017), we’d be fighting for relegation, similar to Neville’s situation with Valencia.


He’s gotta go.


Why are they waiting. Get rid of the bum. It’s going to be weird not playing in Europe next year.

Good on Carlos though. Hope he gets a shot next season.


Thank God I have only 2 more games left to suffer this crap. We might be lucky and scrape a draw against Sociedad, then there is just the embarrassment of losing heavily to R Madrid reserves to come.
At least I wont be around to see Betis put another 5 past us as I’ll be on my way through France to spend the summer in the UK.

The sooner this season ends the better.