Celta Vigo Chat


I said this is another 6-4 when I saw the first few minutes!


If Corchia won’t make it for the Liverpool match, will Mercado forcefully return or will we call up Carmona Sierra from Sevilla B? One sure thing is that it can’t be experimented with Geis there at RB, like in the last 10 minutes of the match vs. Celta.

Or… we can maybe have Navas play at RB with Sarabia at LW, why not?


Hopefully mercado will play there! If corchia won’t make it! As tough a match it is, I have a positive feeling we are gonna win.

We are so strong at home! We not lost since about exactly a year ago to juve. Some run. We rested a few key players, where as Liverpool played their full team.

We win we qualify. We can do it!


A potential win might mean first place finish, given we beat Maribor away (even a draw vs. Maribor would do as better h2h with Liverpool, given they beat Spartak in the last match).

So a very crucial match. Whereas a loss might complicate things a lot and not even the second place is 100% secured.


I thought Geis played pretty well considering. I hope to see him get some more minutes and for Sevilla to make the purchase.